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Aston Martin is a British manufacturer of luxury sports cars and grand tourers worldwide. Most auto aficionados will agree that Aston Martin cars are true work of art and masterpiece, as much as brilliant engineering. They are a true blue epitome of luxury and power and hence are one of the most expensive luxury cars in the world. There are billions of Aston Martin fans in India too. Over the years the segment has evolved considerably compared to global markets to become a strategically important market for the brand in this part of the world. Thus, even a used Aston Martin in India has as much value as the newer one. 

Quick facts about Aston Martin

  • The Aston Martin logo is based on a logo which is a pair of wings, that could easily be taken for the bird variety but they are scarab beetle wings.
  • The Aston Martin DB5 used in James Bond 5 is missing since it got stolen in 1997 from a Florida airport hangar.
  • Each Aston Martin takes 2,700 man-hours to produce.
  • Aston Martin has given its appearance rights to the Bond Movies, appearing in almost all of them.
  • The first Aston Martin car was  nicknamed the Coal Scuttle after a common household item used and it was built in 1915
  • Aston Martin logo has been changed for 10 straight times.
  • The V12 Vantage S takes just 3.7 seconds to go from 0-60mph and is the fastest accelerating Aston Martin so far.

Resale Value of Aston Martin

  • The British car maker has a strong hold on the market that blends luxury, power, and beauty when you press its ignition, winning hearts for their superior performance. Aston Martin cars are so expensive that it becomes, unfortunately, impossible for most people to buy them.
  • The price value of second hand Aston Martin can still be redeemed in India and can have a great market price for it. Buying a new Aston Martin car can be fairly expensive, not that practical. But when you talk about used Aston Martin cars, they are reasonable, affordable and their values do not change much over time.
  • A Vantage V8 Aston Martin second hand in India can cost you 30- 50% less than the new Aston and that too in just 3-4 years. Thus, instead of buying a brand new car, going for a second hand Aston Martin will keep your pockets light. Moreover, the pre-owned luxury car market in India is still in its preliminary stage but it’ll surely grow in the future. That said, the market for Aston Martin used cars looks bright. 

Current Aston Martin Cars in India - Listing of Aston Martin Cars

The Aston Martin price starts at around Rs. 1.35 crore for the cheapest car Vantage and goes up to Rs. 3.97 crore for the top model Aston Martin DB11. Aston Martin has 3 new car models in India. Here they are:

History of Aston Martin Cars

Aston Martin was founded in 1913. After World War I, the production of Aston Martin was halted for a brief period but later on it continued to produce cars specifically for the racetrack as it focused on speed more than a luxury. Tractor manufacturer David Brown Company purchased Aston Martin in 1947. Models under Brown's ownership went with his initials – DB. Soon,


Aston Martin achieved worldwide recognition due to its exhilarating performance in key races across the globe. Brown left the company in the 1970s making a way to difficult times, and by the end of 1974, Aston’s entry into the US was banned as it could not meet California’s stringent exhaust norms. 
Ford Motors bought up 75 percent stakes of Aston Martin in 1987; later, it took the remaining 25 percent in 1994. The latest change in Aston Martin's history happened in March 2007, when Ford sold it to a small group of Aston Martin fans.

What makes Aston Martin unique?

Best engines in the world: The company has been using either V8 or V12 engines in all of its models. The signature engine for Aston Martin was its V12 which has been stuffed in most of its models since 2005. The latest DB11 has a 5.2-liter V12, which makes a healthy 600 hp of max power and 516 lb-ft of maximum torque. 

  • Quality in design: The attention to detail and ingenious design combine in to deliver the exceptional quality of Aston Martin cars. 
  • Interiors: It takes more than 70 hours of expert handcraftsmanship to build one part of Aston Martin’s interior. Seven leather hides are used in each Aston Martin to create the car’s luxurious ambiance.
  • Testing: Testing is fundamental to the quality and longevity of an Aston Martin. The Vanquish car has undergone a lot of testing. For instance, the engineering team carried out more than 5,000 km of durability and high-speed testing for this model. The circuit of testing is one giant loop that stretches for 12.5 km (7.8 miles), which is perfect for high-speed testing, which allows the driver to examine the car at high speed without having to brake for corners. 

Sell Used Aston Martin Cars in India

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