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Best cars for Christmas camping

Best cars for Christmas camping

As long days and wide-open roads are finally upon us, your mind might be wandering away from spreadsheets and towards summer spent under the stars. If you’re planning a camping trip for the end of 2021, or the beginning of 2022, now is the time to think about the car that will get you there.

While you may feel limited to an SUV if you’re considering camping vehicles, there are many options within this make that can see you go from city slicker, to happy camper. It all depends on your needs. You’ll want to consider all the usuals like price and reliability, but you may also be best to think about how your camping vehicle will serve you day-to-day, once you get home from your great escape, too. Just like a Swiss army knife, versatility is key.

Subaru Outback

There’s a reason why the trusty Subaru owns the camping space for many travellers. Sturdy, reliable, affordable. What more could you want?

The Outback in particular is part SUV, part station wagon - allowing travellers the height and length needed to stack, store, stay and play long into those hot summer evenings.

With seriously economical fuel economy, this ride is worth looking at if you’re considerate of the environment, or the cost of petrol on your trip.

Land Rover Discovery Sport

After a little more luxury on your Christmas road trip? Meet the Land Rover Discovery Sport. With seating to fit 7 passengers, you won’t have to worry about which car is taking which kid (and which Christmas present). There’s plenty of room for all.

Then there’s the sheer look of this vehicle. What has become a statement piece for many drivers, the Land Rover packs some serious punch when rolling into any event (even if it is a Christmas barbecue). If you’re as conscious about looks as you are functionality (and have a little more cash up your sleeve) this is your ride.

Jeep Wrangler

If you plan to go off-road, you’re going to want to do some serious research on which car will see you safely annihilate boulders, rocks and mud pits without interrupting your favourite Christmas playlist.

This vehicle is a mean machine, with serious oomph behind its sturdy exterior. While some camping vehicles merely look like camping vehicles, this car truly acts like one.

When it comes to custom-made camping accessories, the Jeep Wrangler has you sorted, too. You’ll find a range of items that are made to fit on and in the Jeep Wrangler that’ll make your trip all the more easy. At mid-range price point, the practicality is undeniable.

Ford Escape
If you’d like to opt for a vehicle that looks just as much at home at a camp site as it does at a shopping centre parking lot, then the Ford Escape has you covered. A compact crossover SUV, this is one of the most versatile camping cars out there.

This car’s slick design will have you cruising between school pick-up, soccer practice and the nearest highway outta town like the true multitasking family you are.

If you’d prefer not to make an outlandish statement that screams “we’re going camping!” with your car purchase, this could be for you.

Volkswagen Golf Wagon

City slickers with a taste for the odd weekend getaway, unite! The Volkswagen Golf Wagon is sleek enough, svelte enough, yet strong enough to tick all of the boxes.

A campsite-worthy car that feels European at the same time, this car is a drawcard for young professionals who are just as likely to spend the weekend down at the beach as they are having to load up the car for a corporate photoshoot. Professional yet practical. Fun yet functional. Need we say more?

Is a camping compatible vehicle on your Christmas wish list? CARS24 is the future of used car buying, allowing you to buy your next car from the comfort of home.

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