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The CARS24 Team: Meet Mathias
CARS24 Team

The CARS24 Team: Meet Mathias

Mathias took some time out from a BBQ in the workshop on a Friday afternoon to catch up with us about what it means to be a Carcierge at CARS24.

Q: Hey Mathias, what brought you to CARS24?

A: My partner works here, she started here when things were just getting going. It was almost an empty warehouse. She enjoyed it and said great things about working here, so when a role came up, I applied!

Q: And tell us, what exactly is a Carcierge?

As a Carcierge, we deliver the cars to the customers and are their point of contact for the next 7 days.

We take care of things like making sure they have a smooth experience. All contact with the customer before the car is delivered is through calls or online.

Once the car is delivered, we are the face of CARS24 so it's really important that we provide a great handover and can answer any questions the customer has over the next week from delivery and provide any assistance that is needed.

Q: How is CARS24 different?

It has a people first attitude, our team has regular barbeques for the crew at the workshop. Today is crazy hat day, there's a sense of community in the workplace.

Q: What's the most rewarding thing about your job?

Seeing the company grow and seeing progress being made everyday and the changes we're able to influence. To be able to see how happy the customer is when we drop the car off and hand it over.

Q: You must see a lot of cars, what's your favourite car to work on or test-drive?

That's a tough one, no particular car comes to mind. Every car I deliver puts a smile on the face of our customers.

(Editor's note: We think Mathias was keen to rejoin the crazy hat BBQ rather than talk to us all afternoon. Can't blame him)