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Customer story: meet Andrew

Customer story: meet Andrew

Andrew was one of our first customers at CARS24. Six months after we delivered Andrew’s Mini Cooper to his front door, we caught up with him for a quick chat. We wanted to find out how he was getting along with his new car, and how he found the experience of buying a used car online.

Q: Andrew, you were one of our first customers. Now CARS24 is close to a year old! How are things going with you and your car?

Great. I use it all the time to get around for my job working on building sites. I enjoy driving as well. I didn’t want anything bland and boring, but equally I needed something economical. On a good run I can get 5 litres on 100km. The car I had before was a large sedan. It drank fuel like it was going out of fashion.

I’d wanted a Mini for a long time. A few years ago I test-drove the previous model, and I learnt to drive in an earlier Mini series. I’d been looking at cars for six months, and had looked at many things, but I settled on the Mini.

I love the sporty touch. I love the way it drives, like driving a go-cart. You can have a lot of fun with it, with all the retro touches, rocker switches, chrome bits in the cabin like a Mini from the 1960s. I can still get people in the back – it’s more practical than people think. I’m 6’3 and there’s plenty of headroom.

Q: What do you most love about your car?

The way it drives, the thrill of driving it. The different lights in the interior. I love the spec. It’s blaze red and the slightly larger 18-inch wheels make it stand out, it doesn’t blend in.

Q: How did you go about searching for a used car and what made you settle on the Cooper?

I started with the usual channels. I had the car in mind that I wanted, similar spec to the car I was already driving. CARS24 had the car I wanted, for a really good price. And due to the restrictions, I couldn’t get out to dealerships. I come from the UK, where it’s easier to source cars. Here it’s not easy to get a car from one state to the other – I loved that CARS24 didn’t seem to have those border restrictions.

There was also the convenience of having access to a lot more stock. The service I received was great. I don’t like going to car dealerships so much. CARS24 was really responsive and gave me a lot of confidence in the process, from the interactions with the team to the online process.

Q: What kind of adventures have you and your car been on?

It’s been a bit hard in lockdown, but I’m looking forward to driving the Great Ocean Road, straight to Lorne.

Q: Do you have any tips for your friends looking for a used car?

First of all, really know what what car you want, what make and model, and do all your research up front. I would never walk into a dealership and ask, ‘What have you got?’ Think about the extras that you don’t tend to think about. CARS24 paid for the rego and provided a great warranty. I call them the fringe benefits. You may find a car that appears cheap at first glance but it is likely to be offset by other costs that you haven’t factored in.

Q: We have to ask, did you give your car a name?

Shobosho. When we were on holiday in Adelaide, we went to a Japanese restaurant called Shobosho, which is Japanese for fire station, very fitting for the blazing red colour of my Mini!

Q: So, do you think you’d buy another used car from CARS24?

I’ll certainly be looking at CARS24 for my next car. I've always liked the Hyundai i30 N or the Mazda MX-5.

The future of used-car buying has arrived

Buying online with CARS24 is the smarter way to buy a car. Browse our range of quality used cars, and follow the easy steps. We’ll personally drive the car to your door, complete with a seven-day money back guarantee and a six-month warranty.