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Customer story: Meet Ian

Customer story: Meet Ian

Way back in April this year when CARS24 first launched, we delivered Ian’s Subaru Forester to his front door.

6 months later, we caught up with him to see how Ian and his family are getting along with their car and how they found the experience of buying a used car online.

We caught up with Ian when he was in his new car, a Subaru Forester - hands free of course.

Q: Hi Ian, you were one of our first customers and already CARS24 is almost a year old! How are things going with you and your car?
The car and the family are going well.

I needed a car pretty quickly when I changed jobs and lost access to a work car. I basically knew what I wanted to buy. I’ve had Subarus in the past and have never had issues, we found one quickly on CARS24, in graphite too which was the colour I wanted.

Q: How has it helped you?
I like to have a nice car, even though I’m not what you’d called a car head.  Buying the car online was an awesome experience and what CARS24 is doing is groundbreaking.

If i went into a car dealer and popped the hood and kicked the tyres I wouldn’t know what I was looking for anyway. What I liked most is that I didn’t have to go to a car dealership and haggle.

The set price was reasonable and I knew I was getting a quality car. They took care of the rego and transfer too. The whole experience was turn key.

Q: What do you most love about your car?
I had a work car, a Mitsubishi Triton. By comparison this is luxury, drives really nicely, zippier, brings me back to what we used to have. Nice to look at and nice to drive.

Q: What kind of adventures have you and your car been on?
We use it daily as the family car but no adventures yet. We’re waiting for the end of lockdown. I’m an avid surfer, so I’ll spend a lot of time taking it down the coast, through the otways and chasing waves.

Q: It’s quite a new thing to buy a car online, how did you find it?
Great. Even with a small hiccup with the transfer of rego, CARS24 turned a hiccup into a positive. Because of a paperwork issue the car took a bit longer than expected to deliver, but the CARS24 team hired us a car of a similar quality while we waited.

The whole experience was top notch from the start to the end - open communication was there the whole time.

Q: Finally, we have to ask, did you give your car a name?
Not yet. The kids might have to get on to that one.