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Hybrid or electric?

Hybrid or electric?

You’ve decided your next car is going to be green. Not in colour, but in emissions, that is. But now you’re faced with the big decision: hybrid, or electric? Keep reading to find out.

Whether you’ve been wanting to join the elite fleet of eco-conscious drivers for years, or are new to the idea, purchasing an environmentally-friendly vehicle is a decision you can be proud of. While some may think that what you drive personally can’t make that much of a difference to the earth’s future, the opposite couldn’t be more true.

In fact, it is estimated that in just one year, one electric car can save the equivalent energy of four return flights from London to Barcelona. Let that sink in for a minute. If you weren’t already convinced by the need to drive green, you likely are now.

Hybrid vs electric: What’s the difference?

Think of a hybrid car as a half-way point to driving without petrol. Hybrid vehicles are powered by both a petrol-powered engine and a battery-powered motor. These elements work together to keep you moving.

The hybrid car benefit:

Hybrid cars generate their own electricity for their battery, meaning you don’t need to use those new, fandangle car charging points that are still relatively hard to come by in Australia.

Electric cars, on the other hand, have an electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery. This battery requires charging to get those wheels turning, and get you from A to B.

The electric car benefit:

While you may have to remember to charge your vehicle, there’s one major benefit to the full-electric vehicle. You’ll never use a petrol pump again. Not only does this save you money, but when it comes to the environment, you can stand proud knowing you’re not contributing to the consumption of fuel.

Wait, if you still need petrol, what’s the point of a hybrid?

Keen as mustard to cut your emissions? You may be wondering why you’d even toy with the idea of going for a hybrid vehicle. But, here’s the thing. Many of the benefits of an electric car can be applied to the hybrid.

Fuel costs are still reduced, despite your need to visit the petrol pump occasionally. Choose to purchase a hybrid, and you’ll likely be able to count on one hand the amount of times you’ve visited a service station in the past 6 months (unless you’re raiding the snack aisle, that is).

Hybrid cars also still cut carbon emissions. The amount of carbon your vehicle is contributing will drop dramatically, given that your car switches between running on its engine, and its battery simultaneously.

Hybrid or electric, what should I buy?

Now you know the playing field when it comes to eco-conscious driving. But the question still remains: Should you purchase a hybrid car, or an electric car, if you’re concerned about the environment?

To help you reach your final, lean, green decision, we’ve compiled the following pointers:

A hybrid car could be the answer, if you:

  • Aren’t sure you can commit to keeping a vehicle charged
  • Want to avoid keeping track of charge stations on the road
  • Would like to test the water with eco-conscious driving
  • Aren’t looking to cut all of your emissions (just yet)
  • Are slightly limited by budget (hybrids come at a variety of price points)

An electric car may be your ticket, if you:

  • Want to ensure your car emissions are cut completely
  • Feel confident in keeping your car charged at all times
  • Know local charge stations are available
  • Aren’t limited by budget (for now, electric cars are still quite expensive in Australia).

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