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The best cars ride share cars
Buying guide

The best cars ride share cars

The gig economy is well and truly here. And with it comes the need for cars that can handle journey after journey, job after job. So, if you’re a rideshare driver or delivery driver (or intend to be), which kind of car should you be looking for? Let’s find out.

If you’ve decided you’d like to earn some extra dosh on the side by making deliveries, or taking people from A-Z, then you’re going to need a car that meets the requirements of your service platform. But beyond that, you’ll also need a vehicle that provides the ultimate comfort and reliability.

Start by checking out vehicle requirements

Platforms such as Uber have a list of requirements that drivers must adhere to when offering their vehicle in a rideshare capacity. On the list, elements such as the number of doors (4, to be precise) as well as being free from cosmetic damage and ANCAP 5-Star rated are listed.

What’s an ANCAP 5-Star rating?

ANCAP is Australasia’s independent voice on vehicle safety. Cars receive a star rating between one and five that indicates their level of safety. Rideshare companies such as Uber only accept makes and models of cars that have been graded as 5 star.

So, which cars are best for rideshare drivers?

While there are many cars on the market that are suitable for rideshare drivers, we’ve compiled a list of just some that feature what companies such as Uber are looking for.

2022 Mitsubishi Outlander
This SUV has recently received the highest score to have ever been awarded in the category of ‘child occupant protection’ under the latest protocols. While child-safety may not be your number one concern as a rideshare driver, it does reveal just how steadfast Mitsubishi has been with their design and construction of the new Outlander.

Other areas of notable safety include 81 per cent for Adult Occupant Protection, 81 per cent for Vulnerable Road User Protection (pedestrians and cyclists), and 83 per cent for Safety Assist systems. Not bad, huh?

When it comes to room, driving a Mitsubishi Outlander also allows you adequate space between passengers in the back seat and yourself. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, providing adequate area between your mask, and your passengers’, can only be a good thing.

Mazda 3
A car that’s commonly seen on the road for a reason, the Mazda 3 is a tried and tested rideshare vehicle that won’t break the bank.

With a 5 star safety rating, the 2021 model boasts automated emergency braking as well as lane-keeping assist and pedestrian detection. While you’re unlikely to rely on these, they’re a nice-to-have given how much time you’ll be spending on the road, and the important cargo you’ll be carrying.

Depending on the mileage you’re happy with, a second-hand Mazda 3 on CARS24 can cost you as little as $11-13K. Of course, if you’re after a vehicle that’s hardly seen the road, prices move into the $20-30K mark.

A reasonable option for rideshare drivers of various budgets, the Mazda 3 just makes sense.

Toyota Camry Hybrid

If you’re the kind of driver who’s eco-conscious, then you may want to consider a hybrid vehicle for your work. Not only will your footprint on the planet be far less, but you’re likely to spend a lot less on fuel. That’s more money for you to pocket from jobs at the end of the day.

The Toyota Camry Hybrid has an excellent warranty on the car’s battery - with 8 years included with your purchase. With enough to worry about when you’re ridesharing, the life of your car battery shouldn’t be one of them. Choose the Camry, and you can drive with added confidence.

This vehicle also won’t break the bank - particularly when compared to larger SUVs with more luxurious extras.

Of course, if we’re continuing to compare this vehicle to SUVs, the Camry also provides a lowered, smaller design. If you’re concerned about weaving in and out of the CBD at your passenger’s request, you may find a sedan like this one fits the bill.

When you’re making a decision on a carshare vehicle, always consult the platform you wish to perform business through in the first instance - and once you’ve made your purchase, be sure to keep up to date with their list of requirements.

While it may feel like a costly outlay at first, provide yourself with a quality car and you’ll be able to make back the money you’ve spent on your vehicle swiftly.

Keen  to find the right car for your rideshare career? Look no further. CARS24 is the future of used car buying - offering many cars under 10 years old, while allowing you to buy your next car from the comfort of home.

Every car listed on CARS24 has passed a 300-point inspection, comes with a 6-month warranty and a 7-day return policy. Why not see what’s on offer today?