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The most anticipated car releases of 2022

The most anticipated car releases of 2022

If you’re the type who awaits new car releases like they’re the latest episode of a hot new TV show, then keep on reading.

In this article, we’ll introduce the biggest car releases coming in 2022 – so that you can start dreaming, start planning, and maybe even start driving.

What car would you choose to navigate your way through 2022? Would it be an electric car to ease your environmental concerns? Or perhaps you’d sit pretty in a sports car (after all, it’s been a rough couple of years).

No matter your flavour, there’s a new car release to suit every driver in 2022.

The sporty: Nissan Z

Boasting a body that pays homage to retro sports coupes, the new Nissan Z is this brand’s replacement for the 370Z – sharing many of the previous car’s key workings, but better.

While this sports car’s sleek hood may look too petit to pack much punch, there’s a 3.0 litre twin-turbo petrol V6 under there. There’s also a six-speed manual transmission to boot – so get ready to rev that engine.

The savvy: Toyota Corolla Cross

Would you love to jump on the current car trend of the almighty SUV, but find yourself feeling too guilty to make the purchase given the potential fuel guzzling? Meet the Toyota Corolla Cross.

This vehicle promises to allow you to enjoy the power, the height, the room and the luxury of an SUV for your family, while doing it all on a partial hybrid engine. Now that’s the best of both worlds.

The electric: Kia EV6

Have you been biding your time to make an electric car purchase, waiting to see if there’s a make that really tickles your fancy? Keep reading.

The Kia EV6 is an electric car set to launch in 2022, boasting the size of an SUV with the environmental and economic benefits of the smaller electric cars on the market.

Smarts aside, the Kia EV6 is a car that, put simply, just looks good. Easier on the eye than many bulkier SUVs, this car greets onlookers with a svelte, sleek design. There’s serious sass under the eco-conscious exterior.

Ford Ranger 2022

Noticing a trend here? Another vehicle that’s tipped to combine a more traditional engine with the benefits of a partial hybrid kit under the hood is the Ford Ranger 2022.

As one of Australia’s best-selling cars, the Ford Ranger doesn’t have to do much to keep on selling. It’s clear that tradies nationwide fell in love with this vehicle for its power, space and agility a long time ago.

However, the addition of some eco-conscious design choices is surely set to see it become even more popular in 2022, particular for those in trade industries who care about the future of the planet.

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