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Utes aren't just for tradies

Utes aren't just for tradies

Spot a ute at your local grocery store, dentist or doctor, and you’d expect its driver to sport a toolbelt. But there are a variety of drivers taking up the great Aussie ute. Could you be next?

If you’ve often envied the ease that tradies seem to have in their ability to pick up, move and load-up just about anything on the back end of their ute, you’re not alone.

Utes are enticing, even if you’ve never held a spanner, a hammer, or anything of the like.

The good news is, you don’t need to be a carpenter, plumber or sparky to pull-off driving a ute. There are a variety of ute drivers taking to the wheel of the great Australian ute.

Here are just a few of them.

The do-it-all dad

There’s no doubt about it, just about any dad can make good use of a utility vehicle.

From helping their adult kids move furniture, to loading up on plants at Bunnings (and scoring a snag while they’re at it), or even moving play equipment if there are still young tackers at home.

There are boundless uses for a ute when you’re a dad. Even if you’re the kind of father who works in the office 9-5.

The sporting legend

Got a surfboard, a pair of skis or mountain bikes? You might find that driving a ute can help you get your sporting gear to your destination with ease.

The back end of a ute is perfect for keeping sporting paraphernalia, even when the games are over and you’re back home. In fact, many ute drivers keep their ute loaded up with what won’t fit in the house (or what their partner would prefer stays out of the lounge room). If your surfboard currently leans against the bookshelf, we’re looking at you.

The creative soul

Got a penchant for painting? The ute is an ideal vehicle for transporting large canvases, mosaic masterpieces, iconic iron works and the like.

Creative types the nation over are finding that the ute allows them to transport their crafty possessions with ease. With the ability to lay multiple canvases flat, and protect them, while driving long distances, it just makes sense.

Looking for a vehicle to take to your favourite art supply store or your next big exhibition? This could be it.

The road tripper

Raise your hand if you loathe packing the boot of the car at Christmas or Easter time? Chances are, your hand is high in the air. Don’t we all.

The ute allows road trippers across the country to throw in item after item before making their move towards their road trip destination. The need for moving seats and configuring boot space? Consider it a thing of the past.

If you’re part of a larger family, the ute could become your second vehicle - the one that takes the camping gear and pressies to your destination while the kids travel safely with mum in the family car.

But what about passengers?

Of course, the greatest con for the great Australian ute is the lack of passenger space. But if you’re looking at purchasing a car for personal pursuits - whether that be sporting, creating or road tripping, you may just find that this vehicle makes your life a whole lot easier.

After all, who doesn’t love hitting the wide open road - just you, your goods, and a world of possibility ahead?

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