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Why are Jeeps so dividing?

Why are Jeeps so dividing?

Running low on water cooler conversation? Why not bring up the ever-polarising Jeep? For some, they’re an icon - the car they’ve always dreamed of, if only they could unlock their alter-ego. Others wish they weren’t on the road. Read on and find out where you sit.

Given the Jeep is such a distinctive vehicle, it’s no wonder mechanics, drivers and passengers alike have strong opinions of this almighty workhorse. Let’s dive into the pros and the cons you might want to consider should you be flirting with your own Jeep purchase down the road.

The pros:

1. Uniqueness in abundance
There’s no appearing unannounced when you own a Jeep. The vehicle itself is all bells and whistles, boasting a body that sits sky-high compared to other cars.

Beyond its height, the square-cut shape of the Jeep gives drivers a one-of-a-kind feeling. One that belongs with the likes of a trip through Jurassic Park, not the supermarket.

2. Freedom on and off-road
A true off-road vehicle, the Jeep is made to tackle the path less travelled. With manoeuvrability made to chop, change and climb no matter the terrain, the Jeep is a solid choice for those who love going off-grid. When it’s time to clock off, your options are endless.

3. Heavy duty in all weather
Rain, hail, snow or sandstorm, the Jeep has an incredibly tough exterior, shielding yourself and your precious cargo from all types of weather.

Moreover, the Jeep has been praised for its interior temperature control, keeping you hot, cool or in-between, no matter what’s going on outside.

The cons:

1. Fuel consumption
Unfortunately, when compared to cars of a similar size, Jeeps can use twice as much fuel.

If you find yourself thinking about the environmental impact of the Jeep, this could be your sign to do some further research. An electric car, hybrid or even a vehicle that weighs less than the Jeep (and therefore requires less fuel to keep things moving) may be a more suitable purchase.

2. An eye-saw to others
While this point is a matter of taste, it’s worth noting that some people find the Jeep a little jarring to look at. This is likely due to just how different it looks to other cars on the road.

If you dare to step outside the box (or into it, considering the shape of the Jeep), buckle in and own it. But if you like to go under the radar, you may want to consider a car that won’t have so many people providing commentary.

3. Not made for long-trips
The Jeep was designed for practicality, not necessarily for comfort. For this reason, some drivers find that relaxing, unwinding and hitting the wide-open road for hours upon hours is a little less comfortable than they’ve experienced in roomier vehicles.

This likely has to do with the Jeep’s square shape – which is ideal for hurtling itself over rocks and rough terrain, but less so for weary travellers who’d like a place to rest their heads and extend their long legs.

So, where do you stand when it comes to the almighty Jeep? Are you a lover, or a hater? Or perhaps, you’re an owner? If you are, all power to you.

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