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Why wagons are making a comeback

Why wagons are making a comeback

If you’re most familiar with station wagons from watching That 70s show, you’re not alone. This quintessential suburban car of yesteryear took flare-wearing families from school to work, camping grounds to holiday parks. And now they’re ready to make a comeback.

Some things belong in the past. The mullet, shoulder pads, and a computer the size of your living room certainly do. But the station wagon, despite making its biggest hit during the 70s, deserves to stick around.

Despite the rise of the SUV, many modern families are finding that the station wagon holds merit of its own. Continue reading and, as you’ll find, perhaps mum and dad weren’t just daggy after all. Their choice to drive around a car that’s compact at the front and long at the back, despite your embarrassment, was wise on many levels.

Benefits of the station wagon:

Space without height
For some, the idea of an SUV is just a bit too much, its stance above other drivers intimidating to those of us who like to drive a little lower down and closer to the road.

The station wagon offers the boot space that SUV drivers boast, without making the driver feel like they’re steering a ship.

City meets the sea
Boasting the ability to see you go from the office to the wide open road all in a day’s work, the station wagon is a jack of all trades.

Easy enough to drive around the city’s winding streets (which some find a little too much in an SUV), while allowing ample space in the boot for camping equipment, luggage and the like, the wagon just makes sense.

Suited to any driver
Removing the need to buy a car for every member of your family, station wagons are easy enough for teens to learn in, mum to take to daycare drop off, and for dad to take hiking at the weekend.

While the back of the car is longer than your average hatchback or city slicker, you’d be surprised by how many wagons are on par with the size of an average sedan - making them maneuverable for all.

Fuel economy

A drawback of the SUV for many families is fuel consumption. While it may serve you with extra space, you might also find you’re visiting the petrol pump more often than you’d like to.

Station wagons, on the other hand, can see you spending as much on fuel as you would a sedan.

Worried about looks? Fear not

If your final hurdle is looks, then it's time you browsed the latest wagons on offer. No longer the eyesaws of yesteryear, station wagons have become incredibly streamlined and seductive.

In fact, Audi, BMW and even Volvo have released wagon models that trick the modern eye - boasting all the benefits of boot space with an irresistible exterior.

If you’re more of a budget savvy shopper, the likes of Toyota and Mazda retail station wagons that are both easy on the budget and the eyes.

So what are you waiting for?

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