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Buy Used Ford Cars in Australia

Ford, through its Australian subsidiary, Ford Australia, had been building cars for the local market since 1925. In 2013, Ford ceased producing locally-built cars but has kept a research, design and engineering base in Australia. Ford now imports its range of small, medium and family cars, through to SUVs, 4WDs and trade vehicles. These include Puma, Escape, Everest, Focus, Fiesta, Ranger, Mustang, and a range of Transit commercial vans. Read More

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Ford Car Buying Guide

Ford is a global brand based out of Michigan, USA. It’s cars are sold in more than 180 markets worldwide. To say the brand is popular is an understatement. Just one of its pick-up truck models, the Ford F-150, sells 100 every hour for the past 3 years! That’s 1.7 cars every minute.

In Australia, Ford claims to be the largest employer in the automotive sector, with more than 2,500 engineers, designers, technical, automotive and other specialists spread across four locations in Victoria.

Ford cars have a long history of being recognised as well-priced, reliable vehicles, with a large selection of entry-level models through to higher end, premium marques.

Apart from its standard offering, Ford also offers drivers a range of SUVs, from the compact Puma, small Escape and up to the large 7-seater Everest.

It also has a range of Performance vehicles across many models that boast design and innovation technologies, such as additional powertrain performance, aerodynamics, electronics, and weight reduction improvements that also add to better fuel efficiency.

Although newer model Fords are no longer produced in this country, there are many used Ford cars that were built in Australia and deliver comfort, safety, reliability and value for money.

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