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ford territory

1 Used Ford Territory Car in Australia

Ford had a long history of making large cars for Australians. You can trace it all the way back to the Model T back in the early 1900s, a car that changed the motoring world and helped put Aussies on wheels. Read More

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Ford Territory Car Buying Guide

The beauty of the Territory was its thoughtfulness. It cleverly used all the available space, even making it easy for kids to access the third-row seats. The split tailgate allowed the glass component to be raised independently for loading small items, or you could raise the whole thing to pack for the big trip. It was a true large Aussie family car that happened to be more user-friendly inside and looked better doing it.

A removable storage binnacle in the back could double as a bin and the storage alongside the driver"s seat was designed to carry a bottle of wine for those nights out. The rear luggage cover was even designed to withstand the strength of a carton of beer.

Yep, the Territory was made for Aussies!

That thoughtfulness extended to the way it drove.

Ford ensured the Territory was easy to manoeuvre and handled well, something that was very important to Australian families.

Plus it had the effortless six-cylinder power Australians had come to expect. The Falcon’s 4.0-litre engine could be economical by six-cylinder standards, but it was being outclassed by increasingly frugal four-cylinders and diesels.

That prompted the introduction of a 2.7-litre V6 turbo diesel variant in 2011. The engine was also used in the Land Rover Discovery (Ford used to own Land Rover), as well as some Peugeots and Citroens.

The Territory was available in various models, including entry-level TX and the better-equipped TS. The Ghia (which was later rebranded as Titanium) sat at the top of the range, bringing leather and all the fruit.

The Territory was eventually discontinued in 2016, by which time Ford had decided to stop manufacturing cars in Australia and instead import them all.

It was the end of a relatively short era for one of the most loved and successful SUVs ever sold in Australia.

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