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Buy Used Holden Cars in Australia

Holden, the Australian subsidiary of General Motors in the US, began making cars in Australia in the 1950s, its first model being the FX. By the end of the decade, after the release of models like the well-known FJ and more progressive models FE and FC, Holden was the number one seller of cars by a margin of two-to-one. Read More

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Holden Car Buying Guide

The Holden vs Ford, Commodore vs Falcon debate raged for years and divided many Australian communities, especially in October each year when the race around Mt Panorama, Bathurst, took place. Back then, local manufacturers Holden and Ford staked their claim as Australia’s favourite cars and the winner of Bathurst was basically guaranteed a boost in sales after the result. Drivers like Peter Brock (Holden) and Dick Johnson (Ford) were household celebrities back in their day.

Holden was known for its range of cars that sat across all categories and was proudly ‘Australian made’. In particular, the Commodore was very Australian, hence its remarkable longevity through many iterations due to its popularity. It was favoured as a fleet car because of its roomy interior, V6 or V8 power, rear-wheel drive and reliability.

A favourite among surfers - and now a collector’s item - was the Sandman panel van. The first model, HQ Sandman, 1974. Sandmans were often tricked out in mural paint jobs and plush interiors, including shag pile carpet, TVs and bars.

Perhaps the most famous Sandman was the one driven by Mel Gibson in the movie Mad Max.

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