Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Jeep has its origins in the ubiquitous small 4x4 used by the US and other Allied armies during World War II. Read More

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Jeep Grand Cherokee Car Buying Guide

The WK2 Jeep Grand Cherokee was the very definition of a mixed bag.

Good to drive on road and great to drive off it, it looked good, was well equipped and affordably priced, especially in the first few years after it launched.

The choice of characters was huge, from the entry-level 4x2s to the crazy V8 street rods via the off-road targeted Trailhawk. There seemed something for just about everyone.

But the reliability issues and recalls blighted it endlessly. And these problems were complicated by the dramatic initial rise in popularity that hampered the local dealer network"s ability to service the Jeep Grand Cherokee properly.

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