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Buy Used Mazda Cars in Australia

Japanese car manufacturer Mazda has been selling cars in Australia since the 1970s. Today its compact Mazda 3 and family sedan Mazda 6 are two of the most popular cars in Australia. Read More

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Mazda Car Buying Guide

If you’ve decided on a Mazda you won’t be disappointed by their reliability, safety and value for money. Mazda cater for every kind of driver and lifestyle, backed up by an engineering heritage of quality and innovation.

Mazda pioneered the rotary engine, a world first at the time. The rotary engine powered the popular RX-7 in the 70s and the discontinued RX-8. Mazda has continued that innovation with the release in 2010 of its Skyactiv engines which boast greater fuel efficiency and are under the hood of the new MX-30 hybrid models.

The MX-30 small SUV will also come in an all electric version which will mean Mazda offers a wide range of models in petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric.

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