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Buy Used Mazda 3 Cars in Australia

Japanese car manufacturer Mazda has been selling cars in Australia since the 1970s. Today its compact Mazda 3 and family sedan Mazda 6 are two of the most popular cars in Australia. Read More

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Mazda 3 Car Buying Guide

Mazda 3 drivers love the level of features packed into each car - even going back a few years.

Owners of older models say they have always been impressed with the amount of technology these cars have with some owners even undertaking upgrades of earlier entertainment systems without problems.

Through generations of the cars, drivers have attested to the car's reliability, handling and fuel economy.

Owners have said the car offers good value for money and many say the Mazda 3 is fun to drive. Lately, motorists have said they appreciate the upgrade in driver comfort and the increased performance from the 2.5L engine, in particular.

Think a Mazda 3 might be right for your lifestyle? View our range of used Mazda 3s to find the perfect one for you.

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