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While Nissan can trace its history back to 1914, the name was only first used in the 1930s. In Australia, it was known as Datsun until1981. Read More

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Nissan X-Trail Car Buying Guide

Across seven years Nissan fiddled around the edges of the third generation X-Trail, but apart from the diesel heart transplant in 2017, things stayed very recognisably the same throughout.

Its primary assets were huge luggage space and/or seven seats, depending on your needs and wants. All at very affordable pricing.

But as it aged, the Nissan X-Trail left something to be desired against the likes of the Mazda CX-5 and Toyota RAV4 in terms of driving manners, high-tech equipment and style.

So not the sort of vehicle you might lust after, but just maybe the sort of serviceable and sensible vehicle you might need.

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