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Buy Used SKODA Octavia Cars in Australia

Czech car manufacturer Škoda is still a relatively small presence in the Australian market, however its popularity is steadily increasing, with the medium-sized Škoda Octavia leading the charge. Read More

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Škoda Octavia Car Buying Guide

Looking for a used Škoda Octavia? Here's what’s on offer:

One of the biggest advantages the Škoda Octavia has over other similar cars is the industry-leading tech facilitated by its owner, the Volkswagon Group. The Octavia RS, for example, uses the same 2.0-litre turbo-petrol engine as the VW Golf GTI but in a practical wagon or five-door hatch, offering buyers a cheap, family-friendly FWD sports car.

Since its return to Australia in 2007, the Octavia has been offered in a range of variants, including the 1.8-litre, turbo-engined Elegance and Ambiente and their 2.0-litre diesel equivalents, alongside the 147kW RS mentioned above. In 2008, the diesel-engined Scout was introduced, giving buyers a powerful SUV option with the size and handling of a mid-sized car.

The Škoda Octavia is generally considered to be a well-rounded car, offering good performance, efficiency and comfort, with a striking exterior that deserves more attention than it gets. Even better, the Octavia is highly affordable for the discerning used car buyer.

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