Subaru Outback

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Buy Used Subaru Outback Cars in Australia

Subaru was established in 1953 as the automotive division of the Japanese conglomerate Fuji Heavy Industries (renamed Subaru Corporation in 2017). Read More

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Subaru Outback Car Buying Guide

When speaking about the Subaru Outback, drivers have a long list of compliments that include: the car's styling and levels of luxury and spaciousness, driver technology, road 'grip’ from its AWD and CVT transmission, its punchy 4-cylinder 2.5L Boxer engine, its fuel economy, ride height, increased driver visibility, and its high levels of built-in safety features. Plus, of course, its reliability.

If you’re after a vehicle that comfortably seats 5 adults and can take them practically anywhere in Australia, in relative luxury with the highest levels of in-built safety features, the Subaru Outback is certainly worth a close look.

For instance, it has an 11.6' infotainment screen; next generation EyeSight® Driver Assist technology featuring new stereo cameras for improved range; advanced Lane Centring Function featuring lead car follow functionality; Autonomous Emergency Steering; Lane Departure Warning where the steering vibrates to warn the driver, and Speed Sign Recognition with Intelligent Speed Limiter functionality.

The Driver Monitoring System has Subaru’s Vision Assist and an SRS passenger seat cushion airbag. The Outback now has a 2000kg braked towing capacity and auto off self-levelling LED headlights to avoid dazzling approaching drivers.

The AWD Sport model has all those features plus a hands-free power tailgate, heated seats and rugged roof rails. The new Touring model adds Nappa leather seat trim, a beefed up sound system, sunroof and auto mirror and seat adjustment to its list of features.

Think a Subaru Outback might be right for your lifestyle? View our range of used Subaru Outback cars to find the perfect one for you.

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