Volkswagen Passat

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Undoubtedly one of the globe's most important and controversial automotive behemoths, Volkswagen was founded in the 1930s in Nazi Germany. Read More

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Volkswagen Passat Car Buying Guide

While Volkswagen, like every other major auto brand, has committed massively to SUVs in recent times, the Passat is a traditional passenger car worth paying attention to.

A bit like the similarly-sized Mazda6, the Volkswagen Passat is a fine car deserving of more fans.

There's space and grace and, as you go up the range, increasing amounts of pace. That 206TSI really does fly.

Perhaps the only real niggle is the dual clutch transmission, which can be slightly balky when first getting going. The dry clutch seven-speed version fitted to the 132TSI has also had mechanical issues in the past.

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