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Buy Used Volkswagen Cars in Australia

German automaker Volkswagen started out in the 1930’s with a simple vision to create the ‘people’s car’. From these beginnings VW has become one of the most recognisable brands in the world. Read More

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Volkswagen Car Buying Guide.

Volkswagen represents quality engineering and European craftsmanship. The Volkswagen Group is the largest manufacturer in the world by sales and VW produces cars in every category. From hatches and SUVs to utes, people movers and vans, VW offers a car to suit any lifestyle.

Volkswagen incorporates innovative features into all of their models, all designed to improve the driving experience. Safety is also a big feature with VW, depending on the model you can expect Advanced Driver Assistance Systems such as emergency braking and parking assistance.

To get you to your destination, onboard infotainment systems provide navigation and entertainment all accessed through an easy touch-screen interface, supported by high-quality sound systems.

Under the hood, Volkswagen doesn’t compromise on quality producing quality engines and transmissions. Both turbocharged diesel and petrol engines deliver great fuel economy as well as performance.

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