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Getting a used car valuation

Are you looking to sell your used car? Experts at CARS24 free online car valuation calculator offers the best prices of used-cars in less than a minute. The car valuation calculator and buying process provides a hassle-free, competitive price for your car, fast cash directly deposited to your bank account and we will even collect the vehicle from a location of your choice.

Visiting dealers and negotiating the price of your car for sale or trade in can be exhausting and time consuming - CARS24. With CARS24 you can sell your used car, purchase a new car and/or trade-in for the current vehicle all 100% online.

Try the free online car valuation calculator today and receive an instant quote that will rival the market value of your car with absolutely no commitment. Get the best price for your second-hand car with CARS24.

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Frequently asked questions

Have a question? Try our most commonly asked questions or read our full FAQ section.

  • Can I get a market value of my car online

    Yes! You can use an online car valuation calculator to get a close approximation of the market value of your car. You will be required to enter the required details related to your car model, make, mileage, and details of physical condition, number of keys, damage and imperfections, etc. You can calculate the market price of your used car through CARS24 Used Car Online Calculator.

  • Do I need to get an appointment for online valuation of my car?

    No! The Online Calculator for valuation of used cars developed by CARS 24 is hassle free and does not require any prior appointment. All you need is to spare a few minutes and you will get an estimate of the market value of your used car.

  • What is the best way to sell my car?

    Selling used cars at best prices demands patience, honesty, and commitment. Along with the knowledge of your car and its worth, insights into market trends are also an important factor in getting the best prices. If you are short on time, you can check the value of your car through the CARS24 online car valuation calculator. You can study about the market trends regarding price and demand on our blog. Once you have a good idea of the worth of your car and market insights and you are happy with the instant quote CARS24 has offered you, book an inspection online at your selected date and time slot.

  • How can you determine the market value of second hand cars for sale?

    Theoretically, there are different methods you can evaluate the price of your second hand car. For example, you can go through classified ads, read consumer reports, survey reports of car dealers and reports published by automobile companies. However, primarily, there are two ways to determine the market value of a second hand car. One is the traditional method of visiting car dealers door-to-door and getting different price estimates based on manual evaluation of the car. Second method is using an online car valuation calculator to determine the overall market value of the car and then visiting selected car dealers to get the best rates. CARS24 offers a highly sophisticated online calculator for valuation of used cars.

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