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Build your car buying confidence

Build your car buying confidence

As recently as a few years ago, car buying advice (especially for women) included things like “wear something you feel powerful in” and “watch your body language, stand up straight and look confident”.

Now, they might be fine tips for bluffing your way through a car purchase or combatting dealership nerves, but we’re not in the business of creating the illusion of car buying confidence. We’re here to help you build those skills for real.

Here are our top tips for growing your confidence when it comes to buying a car, so you can go forth and make a purchase you feel 100% comfortable with.

Know what features are important to you

Only you know what you truly need from your car, so it’s okay to focus on the features that are the most important to you. You might like to start by thinking about the way you’ll use your car.

Will it be doing short trips to work and the shops? Long commutes or lots of travel? Is fuel efficiency and the costs of ongoing servicing and maintenance a factor? Or are ultra luxe finishes and premium inclusions more your style?

Whatever you’re looking for, it’s always helpful to know your “nice-to-haves” from your “non-negotiables”. Understanding the features that are most important to you will help you build your own personal checklist for finding the perfect car for you.

Do your research

This might seem an obvious place to start, but “do your research” isn’t always as straightforward as it sounds.

Where do you look? Who has the most reliable information? What should you even be searching for? You might like to start by getting familiar with your preferred makes and models. Are you after a hatchback, a sedan, or an SUV? Do you have a particular brand in mind? What are the inclusions in their base models? What do you get when you upgrade? What are the most similar cars in the market and how do they compare, on inclusions and on price? How do other people feel about driving them? Are there lots of good reviews?

Getting to know the cars you love and understanding how they meet your needs is a great base to build your knowledge from. You can compare the features and inclusions of all the cars we have for sale easily, just check out the tables in each listing.

Speak to someone you trust

Do you have a friend or family member that’s recently bought a new or used car? Ask them about it! Gathering information from real people who have had real, recent experiences is super helpful, and gives you more evidence to support your decision making. The more you know, the more confident you’ll feel about choosing and buying the car that’s right for you.

Social media is another great way to gather anecdotal evidence from people in your network. If you’ve got your eye on a specific make or model, you might like to ask if anyone has had any experience purchasing or driving one. You might be surprised at the feedback you get, all of which is so valuable in your car buying journey!

Ask questions

Contrary to what some of the “experts” say, you don’t have to bluff your way through a dictionary of car terms to boost your car buying confidence. It’s okay to ask questions, in fact, we really recommend it! Not sure about the difference between 4WD and AWD, or if you really need either? Ask. Not sure what CO2 emissions you should be aiming for for more sustainable driving? Let’s find out.

Asking questions is not a sign of a weak buying position or a lack of car know-how. We ask questions because we want to learn more, and the more we know the more empowered we are to buy.

You can ask us anything, anytime here.

Take your time

You might not find your perfect car at the perfect price right away, and that’s okay! You might also change your mind about what you’d like to buy as you get further into the process. Buying a car is a big purchase, so don’t feel pressure to rush into it, or to compromise on any of the features you want.

Know your limits (and stick to them)

Figure out how much you’re prepared to spend on a car, and stick to it as best you can. Throughout the research process, your expectations on price may change, but when you understand exactly what you need and have a firm checklist of non-negotiables, you’ll be in the best position to find a car that strikes the perfect balance between meeting your needs and your budget.

For a great gauge on pricing and what to expect, check out Kelley Blue Book. It’s one of the most trusted data sources for valuing a car, and we’ve written all about how it works and why we use it here.

Our aim is to get 95 per cent of the vehicles we sell priced below the market average, so you can be confident you’ll always get a great deal at CARS24. We can even help you organise finance with an easy five-minute pre-approval process, and you can see the weekly repayment amount while you’re browsing.

Understand value

The value of a car isn’t just about what features it has or how many kilometres it’s driven (or even the price), it’s also about the value it brings to YOU and your life.

Does it have features that save you time or make your life easier and less stressful? Does it make your long commutes more comfortable, or your road trips with friends more fun? Are you prepared to pay a little bit more for features that are important to you, or are you sticking to a strict budget? Have a think about the role of your car in your life and what you need it to do for you.

Value isn’t always about the price tag.

Buy online!

Skip the power suit and power pose, and find the perfect car from the comfort of your couch.

CARS24 is changing the way Australians buy used cars. We’re 100% online, so buying a car has never been easier.

All our cars are quality assured, and you’ll find every detail of each car listed on our website – from 360-degree images to service history and condition - so you can buy online with absolute peace of mind.

Before it can be added to our website, each car has to pass a rigorous 300-point checklist and on-road test. Our stringent inspection and reconditioning standards ensure only the best-quality used cars make the cut.

We’ll even deliver your car to your door for free in metro areas, with 7 days to test it out. If it’s not the one for you, we’ll come back and pick it up (also for free).

Keen to know more? You can check out our CAR ADVICE section for heaps of great tips and resources to help you buy your next used car.