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Famed as the silent sports car, Bentley marquee exotic cars are perfectly synonymous to luxury, opulence, and taste. Be it the handcrafted materials inside the car or the up to date interior panels, driving a Bentley definitely gives an unparalleled experience. No wonder, there is a long list of celebrities who have used Bentley in India and across the globe, keeping up with their global stature. Be it owning the cars driven by a much-loved celebrity or a bid to own one of the most powerful and fastest SUVs in the world, Bentley has certainly caught fancy of the luxury car lovers in the country and internationally. The market for used Bentley cars in India is not only selling cars, but it also seeks to sell dreams.

Quick Facts about Bentley 

  • Bentley Motors Limited holds a limited presence in a total of three cities in India, with Hyderabad as the latest addition. The other two cities with Bentley Motors showrooms are Delhi and Mumbai.
  • Worldwide, Bentley operates in 58 countries, with 193 sales sites, which creates a huge market for second hand Bentley across the country and the globe.
  • A total of 10,120 cars were delivered in the year 2013 and a total of 11,023 cars in the year 2016. Bentley in India is aiming a higher three-digit number of deliveries.
  • In the year 2003, after a long period of 73 years, two Bentleys entered the epic 24-hour endurance race, called - ‘24 hours of the Le mans race’.
  • Bentley Motors is deemed as a British icon and is the third largest automotive R&D investor in the UK.

Bentley - Resale Value 

Owning a Bentley brand may sound like a dream for most people, however, the rich brand-value and the market admiration among the elite for Bentley used cars lights the way, despite its exorbitantly high price range. The demand for an ultra-premium car from the brand has seen steady growth, as the market for Bentley used cars in India is growing and new showrooms are being set-up.


So, as a proud owner, if you wish to upgrade or sell your Bentley, you just have to look for the right buyers. Be it an iconic Bentley Flying Spur or the Bentley Mulsanne - their unique craftsmanship seeks a high value for your Bentley.  


The seven-figure price may make it look like a humongous undertaking to buy or sell second hand Bentley cars but the real reason is definitely not the high price given the rise in the incomes of middle and highly privileged Indians. The actual reason is the market, which is mushroomed with several online and offline platforms to sell used cars, making it a cumbersome task to sell a second hand Bentley in India. Not to mention, the hesitance about the safety of the transactions involving this out of the ordinary car, which is always one of the topmost concerns of the seller. 

Current Bentley cars in India - Listing of Bentley cars

  • Bentley Bentayga: Under the SUV segment there is Bentley Bentayga, which is made available in two variants namely Bentayga V8 and Bentayga W12.
  • Bentley Continental GT: This model is offered in sole trim christened as Bentley Continental GT Coupe.
  • Bentley Flying Spur: Under the saloon segment, this model features two trims namely Flying Spur V8 and Flying Spur W12.
  • Bentley Mulsanne: This model is presented in a single trim in the saloon category. 

Bentley History 

Bentley Motors Limited is a British marketer and a manufacturer of lavish and luxury SUVs and saloons. It is also a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group since the year 1998. The automotive giant is headquartered in Crewe, England. It was founded by the W. O. Bentley as Bentley Motors Limited in the year 1919 in Cricklewood, North London. Further, the famed luxury brand also became widely known for winning the ‘24 Hours of Le Mans’. 


The acclaimed Bentley matrix grill traces its origin to the golden-era of Bentley racing during the 1920s. It was, then, the matrix grill was fitted as a protective mesh stone-guard. 

Bentley – What Makes It Unique?

Bentley is not just a brand it represents a whole new spirit of the rich legacy and top class heritage. The Bentley cars and SUVs are known for their world-class specifications. It is also the reason behind Bentley cars finding their presence in every car lover’s wish list. The availability of Bentley used cars in the market seem to be outnumbered by the individual demands for the cars. The following are the unique features of Bentley brand cars:

  • Design language: The Bentley cars and SUVs like the 2018 Continental GT have been developed using a unique ‘Foam Aluminium’ process. It has helped the car have a sharper design language. 
  • Performance:  Bentley cars are claimed to have achieved a speed of 100 kmph from stand-still in around 4.1 seconds with the top speed of 301 kmph. Bentley Bentayga is the latest addition alluding the show. 
  • Comfort and Convenience: Right from Anti-lock braking system to Anti-theft alarm and from safety airbags to efficient traction, Bentley cars and SUVs are one of the most convenient, comfortable and secure cars.
  • Lighting system: The unique details such as the traditional Bentley grille, the advanced lighting-technology (more than 80 LEDs in the headlamp), 21-inch 5-spoke wheels, and the minimal usage of chrome add to the overall aesthetics.
  • Manufacturing: At the manufacturing stage, the cars undergo a checklist of 500-650 points before signing off, finally. At least twenty cars undergo a full audit on a weekly basis, including full-function, a full interior and exterior check, and a road-test of 40 miles. 

Sell Used Bentley Cars In India 

India’s rich and the affluent lead the global wealth table. The per-capita income has gone up and the upper-middle-class Indians are also joining the club. They not only are changing cars frequently to suit their desires, but they are also aiming at owning luxurious brands.  The good thing about this transformation is in the buying pattern, is the better condition of used car markets, compared to the cars sold some years back due to their low-usage. Also, when it comes to the price tag, the Bentley second-hand price is slashed down by considerable measures when compared with a new one.


The dream of the Indian citizens to have a Bentley in their garage is not as far-fetched one anymore. With a large fan base of the British luxury brand, the demand for the second hand Bentley cars in India has increased. Be it the used Bentley Continental GT or a used Bentley Continental GTC, a Bentley Bentayga or a Bentley Mulsanne, the cars are equally popular in the second-hand markets as the brand-new car segment. If you are looking to sell Bentley approved used cars there cannot be a better platform than CARS24. The hassle-free solution of car selling lets you sell your car in a single visit to the branch located near you.

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Exchange offer. A bad idea!

Well, let us burst this bubble. This will never happen. Do you know what actually happens in an Exchange offer? Let us explain it to you.

There is a negotiation on the value of your used car. The sales executive will smartly offer you a higher price than what CARS24 is offering for your used car. This is the salesman’s way of gaining your trust by making you believe you got an amazing deal for your used car. This is a trap! What the salesman has done is that while negotiating a deal for the new car, he will give you significantly less discount than what he could have actually offered. Why don’t you test it out yourself?

Go to a new car dealership to buy a car. Separately, send a friend/family member to buy a new car in exchange of their used car. You would learn that the extra money offered for your used car would mean a smaller discount on your new car. Who will bear the loss for this? Definitely you!

Instead, get the best price for your used car on CARS24 and negotiate hard when you purchase a new car.

Selling on classified websites? Don't

First, let us tell you how CARS24 gets you the best price: we have long term, volume contracts with OEMs, corporates, leasing companies, car rental companies, etc who want your car to grow their business. That is how we get you the best price for your car.

So you don't need to look anywhere else. However let's still address your other options. Classified websites are likely to show much higher prices for your car. Honestly, they are arbitrary - almost 50% - 200% higher than the real value! We don't know why they are so poor with their 'price calculators' but trust us, you will know that as soon as you start the process of meeting buyers for your car.

Got a good deal? Check ours.

You could go ahead and sell your car directly to a consumer but do you know it could take months before you actually complete the transaction? Do you have months to spare & time to meet hundreds of individual buyers to find that one perfect buyer for your used car?

By waiting longer you lose more than you gain as your car value depreciates every day you wait. Moreover, transferring the ownership & shifting the liability of your used car over to the new customer could be a very tedious job.
Once you’ve handed over the keys to the new owner of the car, how long will you chase him for the transfer of ownership documents? Obviously you wouldn’t want your used car to land in the wrong hands and this liability is yours.

At CARS24, we guarantee a transparent process where we will get you the best price for your used car, as well as take care of all paperwork, including the transfer of ownership too! The best part being that from the moment you hand over the keys to us, we take full ownership & all liability of the car lies with us!

Found an end buyer? Wait!

When you are planning to buy a new car, waiting longer can help in getting you a better price for it. But this is the exact opposite, when you are trying to sell your existing car.

Even if your existing car has done 0km & maintained impeccably, it’s still losing value every day. Moreover, there are few events like Mega discounts on new cars, Year change, New model launch, that further drop the value of your current car.

Hypothetically, if Honda City announces a new facelift, the existing design might reduce value by 20%. This is fairly common in the car industry. Similarly with year change, you lose 10-20% value. So if you have made up your mind to sell your car, every minute you delay you are losing real cash. Now, go ahead and sell your car to CARS24 and get the best price possible in the market!

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