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Bentley Azure - exterior
  • Bentley Azure - exterior
  • Bentley Azure - exterior
  • Bentley Azure - exterior
  • Bentley Azure - exterior
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Bentley Azure

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Bentley Azure summary

Bentley Azure can be easily recognized from its hood mascot, dark tinted grilles, and fuel cap adorning a jewelled Bentley logo. The metal finish on this convertible gives it a luxurious look and feel. The quilting on the door panels and seats is of the highest quality as well.

The customisable stereo integrated into this vehicle makes it even more special, especially for music lovers. It is a collection of eleven high-end Naim speakers, including 2 subwoofers. These are placed in the rear seat foot wells and the volume is adjusted according to the speed and position.

Even the brake system of Bentley Azure is top-notch that includes 8-piston callipers and rotors of 16 and 14 inches on the front and back respectively.

The 6761 cc engine and automatic transmission make it a powerful vehicle. However, when it comes to fuel type, you only get the option of petrol.

You will get only mileage of 5.4 km with Bentley Azure but with such a huge beast it is quite understandable. The automatic 6 gear transmission system allows you to ride it seamlessly in different road conditions.

All the safety features have been integrated into this convertible. It comes with airbags in the front and rear and is integrated with the stability control system. Parking sensors have been installed both at the front and the back. Anti Lock brakes enable you to stop the car as and when required.

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Bentley Motors has already discontinued all the Bentley Azure models, with the last variant being Azure T Limited Edition. This magnificent convertible was first introduced in 1995 and remained one of the key cars of Bentley Motors till 2003. Bentley Azure 2nd edition was announced in 2005. It looks magnanimous with a length of 18 feet and hits a top speed of 179 mph, thanks to its V8 6.75L engine that generates 500 hp with a torque of around 738 lb-ft. Even with its huge size, it can easily catch a speed up to 60 mph in just 5 seconds. Bentley Azure is powered with a 6-speed automatic transmission with a fair number of sports and semi-automatic features. You can get this car in a mind-boggling 42 colours which includes 4 shades of white and 25 leather shades, and 8 wooden veneer shades.

As we have already mentioned that the company has already stopped the production of Bentley Azure way back in 2009, you can find it only in a few selected showrooms. The price depends upon the model, year, and make but it would easily cost you around Rs. 2 crores, if not more. The price may seem a bit overhyped, but the elegant design and the perfect finish of this stately car make it desirable especially for the elite class. The five-spoke 20-inch wheels and the retractable hood are the prominent features of this classy vehicle.


Bentley Azure PRO’s & CON’s

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Azure handles bumps and noise pretty well, even on the open roads.

The exquisite interior, grand demeanour, and stately impact made by this convertible can hardly be matched by today’s vehicles.

You can get several customisations for your Bentley Azure when it comes to interiors, wheels, and badging.

The adjustable front seats and top cover are power-operated. This makes driving an Azure a memorable experience for anyone.

If you want to drive a stunning and elegantly designed convertible and like to drive something that exudes old-world charm, Bentley Azure can prove to be a perfect ride for you.

Bentley Azure isn’t easily available in all the countries. You will have to search and wait for a long time to own one, especially if you are a resident of a developing country.

Bentley Azure’s gearbox isn’t as smooth as you would expect it to be.

The price of this car is too much to make it a favourite of the common man. It is way beyond the reach of a common person unless someone leaves them a fortune worth millions.

Despite its huge and impressive size, Bentley Azure can fit in only 4 people.

Much better navigation and stereo systems are available in much lesser-priced cars these days. Therefore, Bentley Azure will be a good choice only if you know how to handle them well.

The steering wheel of Azure isn’t fitted with a telescopic system which means that driving can be a little hectic especially, on bumpy roads.

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As we have already said, Bentley Azure can be a bit more expensive than it deserves, especially in today’s times when the world is going crazy for electric cars by Tesla and GM. Bentley Azure will be surely seen in the collection of vintage cars in a few decades but till then it will certainly impress the rich and classy folks. It isn’t easy to drive it in crowded streets and narrow bylanes. If you are looking for a faster and much better car when it comes to performance and overall experience, getting a Bentley GT/GTC would be a much better idea.

If you have the budget to purchase Bentley Azure, you would probably like to purchase a Rolls Royce that costs a little bit more than it. You could also get a BMW M6, which is a much more modern car at the one-third price of that of an Azure.

When it comes to power Azure T excels its predecessors by generating an astounding power of 500 bhp with its turbocharged engine. Also, it looks more contemporary as compared to the earlier Azure models. Therefore, if you are considering buying Bentley Azure, getting the Azure T would be a far better option as it would be much more newer than the earlier models. Overall, Bentley Azure had been a game-changer in many ways for the British motor companies. However, it would not make much sense to a millennial who will think of buying a couple of sporty, faster, and meaner cars at the same price.

Bentley Azure key specification


Body Type Convertible

Fuel Type Petrol

ARAI Mileage 8.6 kmpl

City Mileage 5.0 kmpl

Seating Capacity 4

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