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Q1. What is the CARS24 Best Price Guarantee?

CARS24 Best Price Guarantee is our 100% assurance that we get you the best resale price for your car. If you happen to sell your car to some other business at a price higher than what we quote after your car’s inspection, we’ll keep our word and pay you Rs. 5000.

Conditions for Eligibility:

  • Submission of the original or scanned copy of sales receipt/ valid document proving the sale
  • Such a Proof-of-sale should be issued by a legally competent business*
  • Proof-of-sale must be submitted within 7 days (inclusive of all days) of CARS24’s inspection of your car


  • Claims of sale to individuals are out-of-scope of the Best Price Guarantee
  • Claims related to car trade-ins/ exchange are out-of-scope of the Best Price Guarantee

Q2. How are you so confident that you always provide the best price?

CARS24 has 10,000+ business partners all over India who actively bid on your car, in real-time. This ensures that there is always a strong demand for your car when you sell with CARS24. As there is a very high competition for your car, you walk away with the best price for your car. Always.

Q3. What do I need to show as a proof to receive this money?

To receive the money, you need to show the original or scanned copy of the sales receipt/ valid document proving the sale. The Proof-of-sale should be issued by a legally competent business*.

Q4. Where do I send the Proof-of-sale?

You simply need to email a scanned copy of the Proof-of-sale to care@cars24.com. Make sure that you mention your appointment ID in the email. If we have any questions, we will get in touch with you. If not, we will contact you to get your bank account details for payment transfer.

Q5. I sold my car at a higher price, but I don't have Proof-of-sale. Can I make a claim?

Sorry, we cannot accept such claims because it is impossible to verify your claim in absence of a valid proof that confirms the transaction amount.

Q6. I sold my car to my relative/ friend at a higher price. How do I remit my claim?

The claim is not applicable in case of a sale to an individual buyer. As stated in the previous question, we have no way to verify the actual selling price when you sell your car directly to another consumer - be it a stranger, a friend, or a relative.

We strongly recommend against the consumer-to-consumer sale, especially when you are selling to someone you don't know well. Read more

Q7. I sold my car and I have a proof, but why don't you accept it?

We only accept a copy of the sales receipt. If that can’t be provided, we cannot accept the claim and the same will be communicated to you.

Q8. I exchanged my old car for a new car. How do I know if I am eligible for the Best Price Guarantee?

Sorry, we don’t entertain trade-in or exchange claims. In such cases, it’s impossible to separate out the discount on your new car from the selling price of your used car.

We strongly advise against trade-in or exchange because a smart new car salesman will show you a high value for your used car, but give you a low discount on your new car. Read more

Q9. How and when will I receive this money?

You will receive this money in your bank account. After verifying the Proof-of-sale, we will get in touch with you to collect your bank account details. Normally, we close the claim within 10 days of receiving the correct bank account details.

Q10. Will you verify the sales receipt submitted by me?

Yes, we will verify the sales receipt to confirm if it is genuine.

* A legally competent business should be able to produce any statutory recognized document evidencing its identity - PAN CARD/ Registration Certificate/ Incorporation Details/ Service Tax No. etc.