10 Summer Car Accessories To Beat The Heat- Car Fridge to Window Visors

10 Summer Car Accessories To Beat The Heat

10 Summer Car Accessories To Beat The Heat

With winters being many months away and the temperatures rising to unprecedented levels, it’s often an unpleasant experience to get into a car and drive. It’s pretty common to need to bear with some uncomfortably high heat levels inside the car. Hence, today, we have come up with a list of 10 summer car accessories that should help you beat the heat-

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#1 Windscreen Sunshades

There are sunshades made exclusively for windscreens. These don’t cost much and are easily available. We recommend putting a sunshade on the windscreen every time you park your car in the open, even if it’s for just a few minutes. These sunshades prevent the greenhouse effect from happening inside your vehicle. .

#2 Roll-on Window Curtains

roll-on car window curtains

In case you can spend a bit more, it’s a good idea to go for roller sunshades tailor made to fit your car model. These even offer UV protection. One of the good companies that sell these is Amritras. These perforated/mesh car curtains are easily available and cost about Rs 5,000 for the entire set.

#3 Dashboard Cover

The next accessory on our list of summer car accessories to beat the heat is a dashboard cover. This pretty affordable accessory will help you avoid an unpleasant experience every time you tough your dashboard after it’s parked under the sun for some time. These covers will even protect the plastic of the dashboard from wear and tear due to high temperature.

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#4 Steering Wheel Cover

A dashboard cover won’t protect your steering wheel. Hence, for a complete solution, you should even opt for a steering wheel cover. You can choose as per your budget from a wide variety of covers on sale out there. These will even help you with a better grip on your car’s steering wheel.

cars24 car interior modification guide steering wheel covers

#5 Car Umbrella

In case you don’t have covered parking, it’s best to purchase a car umbrella. They are available in most accessories shops and will help you keep the car’s interior cooler. Some of the affordable car umbrellas are quite basic but the costlier ones even offer UV protection to help you save your car’s paint from wear and tear due to sunlight.

#6 Window Visors

This relative cheap accessory will help you by allowing you to keep the car windows slightly open without the fear of a lot of dust or other particles getting inside the vehicle. By keeping the windows slightly open, you can easily ensure sufficient ventilation and prevention of hot air from accumulating inside.

#7 Cooling Cushions

The car seats tend to get too hot, especially if you have leather covers. In such a case, you can use cooling cushions for the backrest as they will help you travel more comfortably. Main, these don’t cost much and can last pretty long. Hence, it’s definitely a good investment to purchase cooling cushions for your leather upholstery-equipped car.

#8 Solar Fans

Solar fans are easily among the best accessories on our list of summer car accessories to beat the heat. They are not exactly very affordable but make for an excellent investment as they can easily keep your car when parked under direct sunlight. The best thing is that they don’t need any sort of electric power to operate.

#9 Car Fridge

Tropicool Car Fridge

While these won’t help you keep your car interior cool, they’ll definitely help you enjoy your cold beverage even during extreme summer. Having a car fridge is an easy way to store all your cold drinks on a long road trip and keep them at a desired temperature. An 8-litre unit will cost you around Rs 6,000 but will make sure that your summer road trips get all the more enjoyable.

#10 AC Vent Cup Holder

Digitru AC Vent Cup Holder

You can use your car’s AC vents to even cool a small bottle or a can of beverage by keeping them cold in a cup holder. Such cup holders are quite affordable and are mounted near the AC vents to ensure the bottle/can is kept cold from the air blowing through the vents. Such an arrangement can be found on many cars like the Toyota Etios or the last-gen Maruti WagonR but the best part is that it’s available as an aftermarket accessory for all cars.

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