1,020HP Tesla Model S Plaid Goes On Sale, Does 0-60 MPH In 1.99 Seconds!

1,020HP Tesla Model S Plaid Goes On Sale, Does 0-60 MPH In 1.99 Seconds!

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1,020HP Tesla Model S Plaid Goes On Sale, Does 0-60 MPH In 1.99 Seconds!

Tech billionaire Elon Musk has unveiled the all-new Tesla Model S Plaid at an event held in California, USA. The Model S made its first debut back in 2012, becoming one of the best-selling electric cars in the world. Most people believe EVs to be fast, but that was made a living reality with the arrival of the Tesla Model S. However, fast-forward to June 2021, we have the all-new Model S Plaid. Just like the original Model S, the all-new Plaid is here to redefine the definition of speed. Also, it starts from around $130,000, making it far more expensive than the standard Model S.

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Elon Musk unveils the new Tesla Model S Plaid
Tesla CEO Elon Musk drove the new Model S Plaid onto the stage himself

As you can tell, the Model S Plaid is not an all-new design but simply a slightly tweaked avatar of the standard S. The shape is as slick as ever, boasting a fantastically low coefficient of drag of just 0.208 Cd. This means that the Plaid can slice through the air without disturbing many of the air molecules. The sleek, low-slung styling of the Model S looks sporty in profile and works well with the couple-like roofline. Customers can order 21-inch wheels on the Model S Plaid, but as standard, it comes with 19-inch rims. Then again, the former will have an adverse effect on the EV’s range.

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Tesla Model S Plaid drag coefficient

Speaking of which, the new Tesla Model S Plaid has a maximum range of 390 miles or 627 kilometers. The Plaid’s battery pack can be juiced up using one of Tesla’s many Superchargers. The 250kW charger is rapid enough to add 187 miles or 301 kilometers of range in a matter of just 15 minutes. While charging speeds are important in an EV, what sets this one apart is its performance. According to Musk, the tri-motor set up in the new Model S Plaid generates the equivalent of 1,020hp – far more than a Bugatti Veyron. Couple all that oomph with all-wheel drive and torque vectoring, and the Tesla Model S Plaid will go from 0 to 60 mph (0 to 96.5 kmph) in a mind-boggling 1.99 seconds!

2021 Tesla Model S Plaid announced

The Tesla Model S Plaid is not rapid just in terms of its initial acceleration. According to the billionaire CEO, this four-door family sedan will complete the quarter-mile (400 meters) in only 9.23 seconds. Furthermore, the Plaid variant is capable of hitting a top whack of 200 mph or 321 kmph. There is a caveat, however. Tesla says that, in order to hit 200 mph, the 2.1-ton Model S Plaid will require “proper wheels and tires.” There is no doubt that the performance of the new Tesla Model S Plaid is even more ludicrous than before. Thankfully, Tesla has also given the new Model S a thoroughly revised interior to go with all that speed.

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Tesla Model S Plaid audio system

The very first thing in the interior of the new Model S Plaid you are bound to notice is the massive center infotainment screen. Measuring 17 inches across, this huge touchscreen system dwarfs what most cars have fitted to them. With up to 10 teraflops of processing power, the upgraded infotainment system in the Model S Plaid is as powerful as some of the latest high-end gaming consoles. Of course, the system allows you to play high-definition games (at 60 FPS) and watch movies & TV shows on Netflix. There’s also a digital driver’s display, but it won’t be a feature you will stare at much initially.

Tesla Model S Plaid interior

Coming in at second place (or first, depending on whom you ask) in the Model S Plaid’s interior features is its airplane-like yoke. Sticking to traditional and archaic concepts such a round steering wheel is not in keeping with Musk’s style.

For good measure, Tesla has also gotten rid of those pesky stalks that stick out of an average steering wheel. Instead, all of those functions are now handled by buttons found on the yoke itself. The yoke also integrates two scroll wheels that are used to control the customizable driver’s display and even the wing mirrors. Once you get used to such Star Wars level of human-machine-interface, there’s no going back to regular cars.

Tesla Model S Plaid steering yoke

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Tesla Model S Plaid sunroof

In conclusion, the interior of the new Tesla Model S Plaid will be enticing for many buyers. It seems to be better built than before and has a few extra pieces of trim to make it seem more premium as well. At the same time, the new 22-speaker, 960-watt audio system now comes with active noise cancellation and sounds fantastic. There’s even more space for passengers in the back since Tesla has made improvements there as well. Tesla was also supposed to launch the even crazier Plaid+ variant of the new Model S. However, Elon Musk confirmed that the Plaid+ has been canceled. No worries, as the standard Model S Plaid is ludicrous enough.

Tesla Model S Plaid rear three quarter

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