15 Teams, 34 Lakh Steps; This Is Just The Beginning Of The CARS24 Fit India Movement!

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Working in an office for 9 plus hours can be a tiring ordeal and has a negative impact on the human body. The 9-5 workday occupies and drains the individual, so much so that their schedules are packed down to the second. Most people simply do not get the time to invest in their health due to long schedules, which further deteriorates their physical, and more often than not, their mental well-being. The Fit India Movement began as a way to combat this exact phenomenon and CARS24 took the initiative to bring it to the office space and hence the Walkathon was born.

The Wellness Quarter began as a campaign which the leaders were enthused about and set to incorporate into the office. For this reason, it became an important part of the company, with hopes of incorporating health into the work-life in an easy and efficient manner. It stresses on the importance of physical exercise as well as checking yourself for symptoms in a corporate workspace to alleviate the sedentary lifestyle. Our campaign mirrors the nation-wide campaign, juxtaposing physical activity with fun as its central principle.

The core ideas behind the Wellness Quarter were seemingly simple- to work on employee engagement, team building, motivation and most importantly, presenting a healthier outlook on life as an inherent value of a CARS24 employee. CARS24 launched the Wellness Quarter with the all exciting Walkathon Week. In an effort to urge its employees to embrace a healthy lifestyle and aligning with the Fit India Movement, the CARS24 office in Gurgaon organized an office-wide campaign to invoke a sense of healthy living. The wellness initiative was just a small step towards the goal of combating physical ineptness in a modern-day office.

The Walkathon was a five day challenge, from Jan 27 to Jan 31, and saw the participation of over 75 people with 15 teams. The premise of the challenge was simple; in teams of 5, the CARS24 family pledged to walk as much as they could and set to work. The team with the most amount of steps collectively at the end of the week would win. Starting off strong and soaring past the Monday blues with a Zumba Session, the walkathon garnered a lot of enthusiasm from the employees and was received well. The total steps across all teams registered at 34,12,783 at the end of the week, a rough total of about 2601 kilometers! For reference, thats about the same distance as between Delhi and Kanyakumari

Leaderboard of TOP 3 Teams

The entire week was rife with healthy competition and finished with a bam with a record-breaking win. The winning team, Minions, led by Ravjot Singh saw a massive victory with a staggering count total of 4,11,235 steps. Coming in hot with a difference of just 10k steps was the runner-up team Crawlers, led by Shahid Salman, who enthralled the office with his riveting performance of over a hundred thousand steps by himself.

Keeping in mind the outstanding deliverance by the core team and owing to the success of the campaign, CARS24 decided to extend the competition and plans to launch it PAN India as Walkathon 2.0, beginning Feb 14.  We hope to provide a larger platform and a bigger audience for the challenge as a way to raise awareness. The all new Walkathon 2.0 will follow the same premise at all our branches and will take place from February 14 to February 21. With this initiative, we wish to encourage everyone to live life fully and engage in physical fitness as a way to imbibe a healthy lifestyle based on holistic wellness.

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