1st Customer in our 100th Branch, Kolkata – The City of Joy

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CARS24 is now in the city of Joy – Kolkata. It gives us immense joy to write about the experience of our first customer in our first-ever branch in Eastern India. Mam Papiya Mishra along with her husband reached our Kolkata branch at around 10 am, with all the necessary documents. While her car was being evaluated, Mr. Jai Pathak, City Head Kolkata engaged in a candid chat with her.

When asked about her experience of selling her car to CARS24, this is what she said

“It feels great to know that I am the 1st Customer of your 100th Branch. So, as a Kolkatan I would welcome CARS24 in the Eastern Part of India – Nomoshkar CARS24. I must say CARS24 is everywhere. You switch on the TV you see Boman Irani or Nawazuddin or Mandira Bedi talking about CARS24 and how easy it is to sell ones car here. And, I must say you guys are very professional, approachable, and well-mannered. No matter how many times a question is asked, your staff answers every time with a smile. I am impressed with your service, at least I don’t have any complains. We did have offers to sell this car to a friend but we were waiting for CARS24 to get launched in Kolkata. Now I think it was worth the wait. I am happy to have waited for a month before selling it to anyone else.”

She also mentioned the reason of selling her car at this point of time,

“If you ask me if there was any specific reason for selling my car, then I’ll tell you we already have another car. Having two cars was of no use to us. It was just occupying extra space and consuming maintenance charges.”

It is the good wishes and appreciation of our customers that fuel us with endless motivation to keep continuing our job with utmost dedication. Just like the other cities of India, we promise no one in the eastern part of India will face any problem while selling their second hand cars to us.




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