2021 Skoda Superb Launched In India At Rs 31.99 Lakh

2021 Skoda Superb Launched In India At Rs 31.99 Lakh

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2021 Skoda Superb Launched In India At Rs 31.99 Lakh

After a few teasers online, we Indians have finally received the latest product from the Czechs – the 2021 Skoda Superb. It may be a premium luxury sedan (and the brand’s flagship), but the Superb doesn’t directly compete with cars like the Mercedes-Benz C-Class or Audi A4. While both of these are priced well north of Rs 40 Lakh, neither are as voluminous or value-specific as the Skoda. Moreover, the Czech is far larger in size than ze Germans. However, at the same time, its brand appeal isn’t as strong as either Mercedes-Benz or Audi. But with the release of the updated 2021 Skoda Superb, buyers will get a lot more bang-for-their-buck than ever before.

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2021 Skoda Superb
The 2021 Skoda Superb is available in two variants

Like before, the 2021 Skoda Superb is available in two variants. There is the entry-level Sportline which retails for Rs 31.99 Lakh, while the top-shelf L&K starts at Rs 34.99 Lakh. Of course, these are their respective ex-showroom prices in India. The price of the new Super has gone up by a bit, but underlying quotient here still remains that of value. Furthermore, Skoda has thrown in loads of goodies to make the deal all the more sweet than before. And while the exterior of this updated Superb looks almost identical to the old one, it has gained a couple of new features. The headlamps are now all new, and come with adaptive LED technology alongside full-LED turn indicators.

2021 Skoda Super LED headlamps
The 2021 Superb features intelligent adaptive LED headlamps

The adaptive LED headlamps in the 2021 Skoda Superb are really quite advanced. In fact, they are much smarter than the ones found in even some German luxury cars. Depending on the terrain and other external factors, the LED beam is adjusted automatically for corners, road elevation, and vehicle speed. The 2021 Superb also gets new LED turn indicators that are now brighter and look more premium. At the back, the Superb features a hands-free boot release function – as always, this is more of a hatchback-type design. The large and practical aperture of this boot means that loading even heavier items is a doddle. Overall, though, the exterior design and styling of the 2021 Skoda Superb is comparable to its precursor.

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2021 Skoda Superb rear three quarter
Even the base Sportline variant is well-equipped

At the launch of the new Superb was Zac Hollis, Brand Director, Skoda Auto India. He said, “Since its introduction, the Skoda Superb has been setting benchmarks in its segment, and the one above. With its compelling combination of elegant design, luxurious interiors, plentiful space, and distinctive presence, the saloon has been a favourite for many ‘value luxury’ seekers in India. The refreshed Skoda Superb hosts some contemporary updates that further elevates its appeal and shall be appreciated by all.”

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2021 Skoda Superb dashboard

For the most part, the interior of the 2021 Skoda Superb is similar to its 2020 avatar. It is a neat, well-sorted and premium cabin that offers acres of space. However, Skoda has integrated some helpful and more modern features this time. For instance, the 8-inch touchscreen infotainment head unit is new and works on an all-new software as well.

2021 Skoda Superb infotainment system
The infotainment system has been updated too

The MIB3 interface might not have anything to do with the Men in Black, but it is a welcome upgrade. It not only incorporates wireless Android Auto & Apple CarPlay, but now also supports voice commands plus an upgraded built-in navigation system. The new GPS navigation system in the 2021 Skoda Superb means the old-school SD card slot has been made redundant.

2021 Skoda Superb Virtual Cockpit
The Superb now gets a digital instrument cluster

The updated interior of the 2021 Superb features a wireless smartphone charger, Type-C ports, and a Virtual Cockpit instrument cluster. The latter is customizable and portrays all the information on a crisp digital display, though it isn’t the brightest screen in the business. Still, it is easy to read and all the menus make sense – “Simply Clever”, as Skoda likes to say.

2021 Skoda Superb 360-degree camera
The L&K variant gets an automatic parking assistant

Another new feature in this cabin include a 360-degree camera system with automatic Park Assist function. The Park Assist system allows the car to scan for parking spots as you drive along. Once it has found a suitable spot, the 2021 Superb can pretty much park all by itself. This sure is a nifty add-on as the Superb is a pretty vast car, one which you wouldn’t want to nick whilst parking.

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2021 Skoda Superb wireless charging
The 2021 Superb features wireless charging

In its Sportline avatar, the 2021 Skoda Superb gets a flat-bottom three-spoke steering wheel plus Alcantara-lined sport seats. On the other hand, the top-line L&K car features a classy two-spoke steering wheel and a dual-tone beige interior. Apart from the badges that are found in the cabin, the interior of these two variants aren’t too dissimilar in their overall design. Having said that, it is pretty easy to tell the two apart once you step inside.

2021 Skoda Superb L&K steering wheel
The L&K variant comes with a two-spoke steering wheel

As for its other features, the 2021 Skoda Superb gets a panoramic sunroof, three-zone climate control, power-operated and cooled front seats, perforated leather upholstery, and paddle shifters. Rounding up its equipment list are 8 airbags, Hill-Hold Control (HHC), Electronic Stability Control (ESC), and Tire-Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

2021 Skoda Superb safety
The Skoda Superb is equipped with 8 airbags

Under the hood, the 2021 Skoda Super is powered by the same 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine as earlier. It puts out 188hp and 320Nm of peak torque, spinning the front wheels via a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox. In terms of its competitors, the 2021 Skoda Superb will go up against the upcoming new Toyota Camry.

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