4 Exciting Things to do for Petrolheads during Coronavirus Lockdown

4 Exciting Things to do for Petrolheads during Coronavirus Lockdown

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4 Exciting Things to do for Petrolheads during Coronavirus Lockdown

I really hope things get better, here and around the world. And the least we all can do is to “stay at home“.

But it’s easier said than done. We are all in a lockdown till the 14th of April and are quickly spiraling into insanity. I haven’t spent more than fifteen hours ( including sleep) at home in the last five years. My life revolves around cars and motorsport every single day, be it working CARS24’s headquarters or rallying in the Indian National Rally Championship! I must confess the last fifteen days have been one of the most difficult times as a car lover.

I would have been rallying if not for the COVID-19 outbreak – Shahid Salman

To begin with, I haven’t got behind the wheels of a real car since I started Working from Home. The streets look simply perfect – empty and deserted, I really wish I redlined every single gear, tried a few Scandinavian flicks, handbrake turns and drive my heart out.

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Even all of my favorite sporting events including Formula 1 and MotoGP races stand postponed due to the direct impact of the COVID19 outbreak.

I have chalked out four interesting things I do satisfy my car cravings as a petrolhead. It worked for me, hope it keeps you occupied during the lockdown.

Stream Car Movie & TV Shows


You can stream your favorite car and racing movies using Netflix, Amazon Prime and Popcorn Time. There are so many movies to choose from including the classics like Le-Mans (1971), Italian Job, RedLine, Rush, Ford vs Ferrari, all at the click of a button, thank god it’s not 1995!

And if you are not a movie person, you can stream popular TV shows like Top Gear, Grand Tour, Pimp My Ride, Wheeler Dealer, etc. There is enough video content on the Internet to watch during this lockdown.

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Gaming – Join an Online Racing League

Assestto Corsa

When I say gaming, it has never been so close to being real. Gone are days of Need for Speed, Midtown Madness, and Midnight Club.

The latest racing games are simulation games where you get to need to apply real driving skills and drive exactly as you would on a race track.

Assestto Corsa Gameplay using Logitech G29 Steering Wheel

Some of the best racing simulator games in the market are Assetto Corsa Simulazioni, Rfactor2, Automobilista 1, Project Cars, Dirt 2.0 and Formula 1 2019. To get the best experience at home, I would recommend using a steering wheel like Logitech G29 with force feedback that makes you can feel every inch of the road, the grip levels, puncture, and damages so close to reality. And the best part about virtual gaming is you can compete with like-minded people from around the world, you can even drive alongside real Formula-1 drivers sitting at home.

Clean Your Car – Nice & Shiny

Washing Car at Home

It is the right time to give you car a wash if you haven’t yet! Begin from the exterior, wash with plain water to remove any dust or dirt, then apply mild soap and rinse it off with clean water. Wipe the car dry using a microfibre cloth or chamois leather, Ensure there are no watermarks left. If you got the car shiners and wax at home, use them as instructed.

You can also clean and polish the interiors, engine room (with extra caution, as water might damage some of the internal components), wheels and tires.

Once your car is nice and shiny, cover it before parking to prevent dust and dirt.

DIY Car Maintenence

Spray Paint Cans

Check your car for dents and scratches, foggy headlamps, tyre condition, upholstery stains, etc. that can be easily fixed by yourself at home.

Dim Headlamp Lenses: Use toothpaste ( preferably white creamy ones and not gels) to make your headlight and taillight lenses clearer. Apply the toothpaste evenly using a soft brush, leave it for 2 mins and wipe it off with a clean cloth.

Tyre Rotation: Most Indian cars are front-wheel driven, ensure the front has the best set of tyres and perform tyre rotation accordingly if needed.

Upholstery Stains: Use mild detergent to clean off the stain using a soft toothbrush, and clean off the excess soap using a moist cloth, use a hairdryer to dry off the surface.

Dents and Scratches: You can cover up small scratches using spray paint (with lacquer) or a nail polish that matches your car color as closely as possible. Up close it won’t look all that amazing but it’ll definitely make your car look better from far. And to remove dents you can try the old school technique of using a toilet plunger and it works for small dents, even some bigger ones if you do it the right way.

How to remove dents using a toilet plunger?

Hope this helps you keep the boredom at bay if you have anything interesting apart from this to do during the lockdown, write to me at shahid.salman@cars24.com