42 Percent of Indians Will Buy A Family Car, Likely A Pre-owned After Lockdown
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42 Percent of Indians Will Buy A Family Car, Likely A Pre-owned After Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has almost bought the world to a standstill. In simple words, it’s caged the majority of the world’s population. Not only has the common man adjusted to living in these times, but he has also shown signs of new behaviour almost in every aspect.

With social distancing likely to become the new norm once the lockdown ends, the majority of Indians are likely to shy away from using public transport like buses, metros, even taxi’s for daily travel which may result in more people opting to use their own vehicles, a survey has found.

In order to understand the changing consumer sentiments, purchasing behaviour, and commuting preferences in the post COVID world, we at CARS24 conducted a research study using various digital platforms. Based on the same study we earlier published a report charting the potential impact of the coronavirus on car purchases in India. According to that, a huge chunk of the Indian population might prefer to buy a family car post the lockdown.

Since the lockdown has altered many habits of people across the globe, health and safety will be the top priority for Indian masses. They would prefer to use their own vehicles and less of public transport for commuting once the lockdown is lifted. The intention to use a private car has seen a surge in the consumers. As much as 41% of the target population decided to forego public transport to maintain safety standards.

As a result, the intent of purchasing a car has also increased. As will be seen post-lockdown, 53% of them would likely purchase a car within the next 6 months. While different reasons were cited in the report, the prioritization of family emerged at the top. 42% of those surveyed believed that they would now require a family vehicle and that correlates with the 20% who wish to purchase a vehicle to minimize the risk of exposing their family to infection.

Interestingly, Indians will buy more used cars than new ones post the Coronavirus lockdown due to the economic slowdown caused by the pandemic.

We believe it’s better to be safe than sorry, as the risk of infection is very high, especially in one of the most populated countries like ours. While the authorities are making the best of efforts to provide safe public transportation, you can never be 100 percent sure about it, as thousands of people tend to use them every day. The best and the safest mode to travel would be to use your personal vehicles in the post Covid world.