5 Signs Your Car Needs Servicing!

5 Signs Your Car Needs Servicing!


Cars and automobiles have evolved drastically. Just like our bodies, cars need a substantial amount of care and maintenance. Continuous working and no proper maintenance can damage them, leading to hefty expenses on repairs. 

Following a schedule for car servicing and keeping an eye on the car’s performance can help avert unnecessary costs. If you’re a car owner, here are five things to be attentive to which indicate that your car needs servicing 

Flashing Warning Lights 

Futuristic and modern cars are good at indicating what’s wrong with them. They do this by illuminating the light on the dashboard, which means “Check Engine.”

Check Engine Light

Many cars have a service light that will come on when the next service is due. If you see a yellow light flashing upon the meter, you should take the car for service, as there are many locomotion problems this light could indicate. 

Degraded Ride Comfortability

Simply put, if you’re not getting the level of comfort you paid for, it’s time to put some work into your vehicle. 

Car Suspension Components

Getting hitches and irregular steering while driving is a common indicator that the car is operating slow. You might notice the tyres scraping as well. These symptoms can signal an issue with your Suspension

This is a sign that your car needs service, and to keep it in top-notch condition, you should follow the service manual and get it checked regularly. 

Unusual Vibration and Noises

When you drive a car, the most annoying thing you can experience is unwanted vibrations and shudders; they should be checked before they develop into serious errors. Different noises mean different issues. 

  1. The bonnet’s whining sounds are caused by a loose wire belt and can cause various issues, from overheating to battery problems.  
  2. Unusual noises from the exhaust because of a hole or crack in it. It is easy to fix but can destroy your exhaust pipe if not tended to early. 
  3. The clashing metal sound could be a broken part of your car scrubbing on something, causing damage to both the parts. 
  4. Uneven engine noises could occur if your car cannot handle the air/ fuel mixture and can be fixed easily by replacing spark plugs

Exhaust Smoke And Leaks

If fumes come from the car, you are not in any excessive danger. It can be because of overheating or radiator issues. It is suggested to take a look at your car’s temperature, and if it’s maxed, then let the car cool down until it reaches the middle of the gauge. Excessive smoke from the bonnet can be a result of oil leaks. If you see blue smoke coming from your car, then it is safe to get someone to tow your car to the garage because it can be a costly problem caused by burning oil.  

White smoke from car exhaust

Smokes and leaks can be of many types depending upon a range of issues, such as worn engine oil seals, head gasket failure, worn valve seals, etc. 

Some leaks can indicate significant problems, whereas some can turn out to be mere ignition irregularities. 

Sensitive Brakes and Gears 

The brake system and gearbox are the most used utilities of a vehicle and experience wear and tear regularly, making them a lot more prone to dysfunction. Gear and brake problems are easily noticeable and easy to fix on an early basis. 

Some common issues can be transmitted vibrations while changing gears or squealing when you apply the brakes. 

This could be because of worn-out discs or pads, a suspension problem, or an issue with your steering. These symptoms generally arise due to tyre wear, so make sure your tyres have the required 1.6mm tyre tread

What Is the Best Way to Avoid Problems? 

Car owners are always up with questions regarding car problems. The best way to avoid any damage is to make sure to follow specific steps such as 

  1. Regular service and maintenance according to schedule.
  2. Checking the service plan provided to you. 
  3. Never wait for things to go wrong, and always try to keep things healthy. 

It is essential to take notice of these issues, as they might result in a big problem; in case of which even your warranty or insurance will not cover it.

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