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3 Jan 2019

5 Simple Ways to Get a Better Price for Your Used Car

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5 Simple Ways to Get a Better Price for Your Used Car


Having to sell anything “used” can be quite a daunting task and this fact is especially true in our country. While selling a used-product, it is natural to expect the best price and maximum profit out of it. When it comes to selling a used car, getting the best price can get quite tricky because of the several parameters that determine its value. Also the buyer, on the other hand, will also try his/her best to bring you to the lowest price possible. Hence, today we bring to you some easy-peasy ways to ensure your faithful vehicle fetches you the maximum price while you wave it goodbye. Here are 5 simple ways to get the best car resale value.

5 Simple Ways to Get the Best Car Resale Value

Service Before Sale

A car operates primarily on mechanical components. In order to make them function at their best, all they need is a good clean up and the necessary lubricant fluids. A routine service with a simple oil change and filter replacements can make a big difference to how your car runs. A newly-serviced car feels smoother, drives better and will give the buyer peace of mind that he is driving a car that is in good condition. Adding to that give your car a wash and wax and it’ll look the part from the outside as well. Nobody minds spending an extra buck on a car that feels ‘brand new’.

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Nothing Works Like Paperwork

Let’s be honest, not a lot of people care about their car’s documentation in India. However, documentation plays a very crucial role when it comes to getting the best car resale value. Be sure to keep the critical documents – registration certificate (RC), insurance papers, valid pollution certificate (PUC)   in place at any cost! Along with that, other papers such as warranty on consumable parts such as the tyres or battery can also make quite a lot of difference. Also,n ensure that the spare keys are available. Having these documents in order imparts the buyer with the trust factor that the car has been in the hands of a responsible person.

Let the Professionals Inspect

You may tell your car’s buyer that your car is in “mint condition”, but word of mouth can only hold so much weightage. However, if you have a car professional’s certified report; it could certainly hold quite a lot of weightage. Hence, having a report of an inspection done by a professional car company could give your old car resale value a major boost. Adding to that, a little self-awareness of your car’s USPs & negative points will help you a great deal to negotiate better with a buyer. Be sure to pay special attention to components like the body, paint, and tyres as these are the most visible parts of the car.

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Steer Clear of Exchange Offers

Exchange offers might seem tempting and convenient but are by no means a wise choice. Exchange offers give you a really decreased price which are far from getting the best car resale value. You are more likely to get a better price for your used car separately than from the seemingly appealing exchange offers. Manufacturers tend to offer very low-balled prices in the pretext of additional “exchange bonuses” to lure you in. Always keep the two transactions separate and push for a maximum discount while you are purchasing a car. Doing this will allow you to get the best value out of both transactions individually.

Don’t Rely Solely on Friends and Family

There is no denying that selling your car to a friend or relative might seem like the best choice. You are most well acquainted with them, they are always in touch with you and you also have a strong comfort factor with them. However, the same comfort level often translates into unnecessary bargaining, delayed payments and document transfer along with the constant barrage of complaints even when the car resale is over. These factors could also hamper your relationship with them if things don’t go as planned.

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So to sum up the 5 points mentioned above, try to look for professional and scientific ways when it comes to selling your used car. Scientific evaluation and live auctioning will always guarantee minimum hassles and best price, which is what we at CARS24 specialize at. Book your appointment today on our website, www.cars24.com for the most convenient and hassle-free car sale experience.