6 World Famous Car Museums To Virtually Visit This Weekend For Free

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As the lockdown marks its one month of existence, almost everyone has run out of things to do while stuck at home. With “bored in the house I’m in the house bored‘ playing on a loop in the background, it is safe to say that almost everyone has exhausted their lot of ideas to do anything fun in the house. Baking? Done. Cooking? Done. Ludo? Done. Even lazing around in sweats eating ice cream straight out of a tub? Done. Visiting a car museum?

I know what the response to that will be: “Are you out of your mind? How would you even go out? WHY would you even go out? Even if you do, would there any museum be open anyway?” yadda yadda. What if I told you you could visit some of the best automotive tours from around the world? From the comfort of your couch? For free?

Yes, you read that right. We bring to you a collection of the world’s most famous and best virtual tours. CARS24, at your service! Travel the world via these great virtual tours and marvel at the masterpieces, safely. You could even round up some of your car-enthusiast friends (Hello, Zoom) and have a virtual museum crawl party!

Audi Virtual Factory Tour

Audi Factory – Ingolstadt, Germany

Booking a plant tour is no piece of cake. Or no piece of bratwurst, more appropriately. With accommodation, travel, visas, and the entire trip in mind packing up and leaving for Germany to witness the plant tour in all its glory is a distant dream for many. Thankfully, Audi has made the online tour available for all during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Audi offers an in-depth view of the production process, the ins and outs of the assembly, the press shop, quality inspection, and much more. You dive into the inner workings of production, further facilitated with a live Q&A session! In an effort to be more personalized, they also offer a range of models you can choose from such as the Audi A1, Q3, TT, Q5, and Q8, and watch them being assembled. What a treat!

Should you want to know even more about Audi, this virtual tour goes beyond the factory. It offers an interactive interface where you can witness the brand story, as well as their achievements, unfold right in front of you. It is a wonderful experience for every Audi fan out there. Highly recommend!

Virtual Tour: Audi Factory

Mercedes-Benz Car Museum

Mercedes-Benz Museum- Stuttgart, Germany

Head along to the Mercedes-Benz Museum for the automotive history nerd in you! Their virtual tour is what petrolhead dreams are made of. The virtual tour offers a view of everything that makes the brand what it is. And we mean everything. Not only are the cars in exquisite condition, but some of them are still in proper working order. The virtual tour offers 360-degree pictures and different eras and stories of the brand.

Apart from exhibitions catering to vintage models, there is also a digital web series tour with Jutta Benz, the great-granddaughter of Carl and Bertha Benz. That offers a view into the evolution of the brand, from someone who helped in the evolution. The fresher perspective, as someone who grew up with the brand itself, works like a charm as it juxtaposes the automotive aspect of the brand with insider opinions. It is a delightful little addition to the tour.

Virtual Tour: Mercedes-Benz Museum

Porsche Virtual Museum Tour

Porsche Museum – Stuttgart, Germany

The German giant has also opened its doors (virtually, of course) for us to enjoy the finer makings of the brand. As a part of the virtual tour, you can pretty much look up any car that was ever associated with Porsche, including tractors, road cars, race cars, and of course the icons that catapulted the brand to its fame. Models, old as well as new, can be surveyed, looked at, and marveled at. You can even visit one of the many cafes the place has to offer too, obviously only to gawk at.

Virtual Tour: Porsche Musuem Virtual Tour

Museo Lamborghini Virtual Tour

Museo Lamborghini – Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy

From the lanes of Germany, we go straight to the Italian alleys. Gear up for the Museo Lamborghini Tour. All the best models of the coveted brand, at the click of a button! You can enjoy the best of the best models, the favourite cars, the vintage beauties along with the newer m models, all in one place; your home!

The tour also houses all of the engines associated with the cars over the years. There are V8s, V10s, and V12s all over the floor, from the very-first engine they made for the 350 GT, to the mighty V12 that propels the Aventador towards the horizon. Enjoy the beauty that is Italia via this virtual museum tour.

Virtual Tour: Museo Lamborghini

Honda Collection Hall

Honda Collection Hall – Motegi, Japan

All those in awe of Honda’s “Gallery of Dreams” now have the opportunity to visit it! Honda has opened up a virtual tour of the Honda Collection Hall, full to the brim with all the highly sought after two and four-wheelers the brand offers.

With classics like the first-generation Civic, Cub, Fireblade, and many more, the tour sounds as promising as ever. It also promises a peep of the incomparableT360 mini truck as well as plenty of race cars, including their very own first F1 car. There’s no dearth of options for the Honda fanatic in you!

Virtual Tour: Honda Collection Hall at Motegi, Japan.

Toyota Automobile Museum

Toyota Automobile Museum- Nagakute, Japan

Journey into the land of the rising sun for Toyota’s Automobile Museum. The Japanese hub is not your typical place for viewing automobiles. Aside from showcasing their past, present, and concept models, the museum showcases the evolution and culture of automobiles around the world.

The museum is a hotpot of various melting cultures, quite literally. It not only houses the Toyota classics but also showcases iconic cars from brands like Jaguar and Nissan among others.

Virtual Tour: Toyota Automobile Museum

National Corvette Museum

National Corvette Museum – Kentucky, USA

The Chevrolet Corvette is an indisputable classic. It has, and deservingly, found a place in the hearts of millions.

Those that want to see the history and the development of the Corvette can now do so by visiting the National Corvette Museum online. The tour offers a view of countless Corvettes on display, old and new, as well as all the rare and special edition models! You can also look at the inner workings of several generations of the Corvette, as well as prototype models that preceded the existing models we know and love. A real treat for the fans of the quintessential Chevrolet!

Virtual Tour: National Corvette Museum

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