66 % People Drove Right Numbered Cars During Odd-Even Rule says CARS24 Study

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The odd-even scheme for cars was launched by the Delhi Government on November 4 as the AQI touched an alarming 708 in the National Capital. The scheme will continue for 12 days from November 4-15, 2019. 

The first day of the odd-even rule resulted in a major change in the air pollution levels in Delhi. The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) data reported that the reduction in the number of cars plying on the roads along with high wind speed witnessed a decrease in the air pollution level by almost 82 percent. Both PM10 and PM2.5 levels fell drastically by 6 pm on day-1 of the implementation of the odd-even rule.

CARS24 being a major player in the Indian used car industry inspects and buys hundreds of pre-owned cars on a day-to-day basis in Delhi. A common factor which we share with the odd-even rule is a “car’s registration number” or the number plate.

When buying or selling a used car, the registration number of the car gives us important information such as the make, model, color, year of registration, number of owners, owner’s name and address to point a few. The registration number also helps us determine if the car has a pending traffic violation or any other offense registered by the law enforcement agencies.

In case of the odd-even scheme, car registration numbers ending with an odd digit will be permitted to ply on roads on odd dates and those with an even digit on even dates. The list of dates of 2019 is as follows

DayPermitted Car
November 4Even Numbered
November 5Odd-Numbered
November 6Even Numbered
November 7Odd-Numbered
November 8Even Numbered
November 9Odd-Numbered
November 10Even Numbered
November 11Odd-Numbered
November 12Even Numbered
November 13Odd-Numbered
November 14Even Numbered
November 15Odd-Numbered

Has Delhi adapted to the Odd-Even Scheme?

Yes, India’s capital city has definitely adapted to the odd-even rule which is being implemented for the third time with more people welcoming the change in 2019. We did a study on the number of cars being inspected and sold in the CARS24 branches across the city.

We did a study on the number of cars being inspected and sold in the CARS24 branches across the city.

The data on November 4 (Day1 of implementation) reveals the percentage of the cars with registration number ending with an even number was much higher than the even-numbered cars we bought on a normal day (without the implementation of the rule) while car’s registration number ending with an odd number witnessed a massive drop.

In 2018, the rule started from November 13 which saw 52 percent odd number plate cars vs 48 percent even-numbered cars visiting CARS24’ branches across Delhi. Interestingly this year we witnessed a 66 percent turnout of even-numbered cars (November 4, 2019) versus 34 percent odd-numbered cars.

Hence, we can conclude that the majority of the people in Delhi have realized the ill-effects of the air pollution caused by vehicles and the ratio of people adhering to the odd-even rule has already seen a rise from the moment it started. And the numbers are possibly going to rise as the week progresses.

At CARS24, we strongly believe in sustainable living and protecting the eco-system. Even on normal days, many of our employees use public transport and car-pooling to work. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to preserving nature and fighting climate change.

*CARS24 branches are open from 9 AM to 8 PM every day and data for the above study were from the same timeframe.

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