A 360˚ Customer Experience - How It Is Winning Hearts And Cars! - All About Buying & Selling of Used Cars, New Car Launches

A 360˚ Customer Experience – How It Is Winning Hearts And Cars!

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A 360˚ Customer Experience – How It Is Winning Hearts And Cars!

Mr Varma loved his reliable Swift — it was his first — two promotions and four years later, he believed it was time to upgrade. While his wife was happily browsing through the next sedan models, Mr Varma was losing sleep over what will he do with his old sweetheart.

He casually mentioned his plight to a colleague (Mr Sharma) over lunch the next day. As was inquiring about the neighbourhood dealers and if an exchange was a good idea – Mr Sharma chuckled and said, All these fancy gadgets and you still don’t know the new way to sell your car?

He then went on to introduce CARS24 to Mr Varma. He further added, “Book an appointment on your preferred day and time and saunter in with your car at any of their 50+ branches across 11 cities (Pan-India). Along with getting the best price for your car, experience convenience as their experts take you through the unique car buying process. Experience innovation as you get a detailed scientific inspection report with their experts’ advice. Once that is taken care of, your car will be live on the biggest online auction platform. Experience transparency as you sell your car without having to haggle or wait for the best price. At last, experience delight as the professionals take care of all the paperwork while you enjoy a cup of coffee.”

Sure this vision looks far-fetched – pondered Mr Varma, just as many of you are mulling over it right now. But allow us to take you back a year to the inception of this vision.

Back in June 2016

It was a normal day in a startup when two men were knocking their heads together to come up with a game-changing plan for improving the experience of customers at our retail branches. CARS24 was buying all kinds of cars, providing complete payments in 24 hours and free RC transfers, all at the best price. But were we sure that every customer in Mumbai got the same experience as every other customer in Bangalore or perhaps Delhi NCR?

Arpit with Akshay

This was when one of our teammates – Arpit told Akshay, who is from the leadership team, to somehow monitor the interactions between our team and customers. This led to the inception of Project RollsRoyce24 – a process adherence and customer satisfaction measuring mechanism which would monitor the interactions in all our branches.

Now with the structure set along with a plan and strategy in place, the challenge was its implementation.

What we had not anticipated was how quickly our motivated team would adapt to it (across the branches) and how driven each and every member of the team was to provide the best customer service to their customers. This entire retail team has been the fuel of this Project.

The navigation was controlled by our awesome leaders across cities. Within a month, all the retail leaders became an integral part of this mechanism by not only directing their team but, also by monitoring the branches.

The perfect finishing was provided by our experts in the learning & organizational development (L&OD) department, who took up the challenge of training the entire team across regions, and starting a monthly feedback mechanism.

The energetic L&OD team

The business intelligence champs helped form structures, intuitive dashboards and simplified analysis in a way that the entire team could understand some crucial metrics such as NPS, customer satisfaction as well as grievances.

The number crunchers of CARS24 – Bussiness Intelligence & team RollsRoce24

With all the teams excited and sensitized towards the importance of creating and delivering an experience to the customers, there was no stopping CARS24 to emerge as the top service providers in the Industry.

Through the efforts of the retail, L&OD, BI and RollsRoyce team(s), we started seeing referrals flowing in less than 4 months!

By November 2016, our RollsRoyce24 was not only winning hearts but, also cars!

Customer experience soon became holistic in its approach when the team realized that our customers were not only ones selling their cars but so were the CARS24 authorized buyers. With the theme for 2017 being #InvestingInPartners, it was now time to expand RollsRoyce24 to our authorized car buyers. This marked the inception of sales RollsRoyce24 in January 2017, to ensure an effortless experience to all our authorized car buyers.

The ingenious team RollsRoyce24

Just as before, our teams adapted to the concept in just a month. February saw teams in different regions competing to win the throne. March saw RollsRoyce24 not only involving the Sales team but, also other teams such as Inspections, Payments and Documentations in order to cover all touch points of an authorized car buyer.


It was a bright sunny afternoon when two customers arrived at Ranjeet used car business asking for a Maruti Suzuki Swift. While at that time Ranjeet had no Swift in the inventory, he started looking for alternatives available in the market to fulfil the demand of his customers.

He was seen cursing his phone and laptop by his employees. On asking what he was upto, he replied, “God damn these sites! I can’t even get a single Swift in the market. The prices are inflated, the models old and the sellers… Do not even ask me to elaborate upon the sellers and their snarky attitude.”

Upon hearing his employers distress, one of the employees quietly muttered, “Arre sethji, I heard CARS24 buys cars from customers and puts them up on the biggest online auction platform. Now you can relax in your office, download their app and start bidding for your preferred car. All you have to do is submit your registration certificate and other KYC documents to become a CARS24’s authorized car buyer.”

This is how a seed idea if executed right, has the potential to grow into something special that even goes on to define a company. Much like how RollsRoyce24 has helped CARS24 to set new benchmarks for itself and in the industry.