A Ride Uphill

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In an attempt of trying to figure out what life without work was, the four of us embarked on a trip. A trip which was planned days ago yet, the destination was changed at the very last minute. Amma’s word (spoken in the past) reminded that a break was never about the destination but, more so about the journey. The geography, food or language doesn’t always play an important role. It is sometimes the experience followed by the memory followed by the forgetting and the sudden experiencing of the same that prints your brains through the years. The memory of the experience could be gathered on a journey, the words of a certain song, page numbers, ticket stamps, postcard. But when you are greeted by those memories, a smile is formed.
It did seem like the right number of people.
A decade-old car,
3 backpacks and a blue suitcase of memories wrapped around worn-out sweaters.
Cigarettes, Bob Marley and sleep-riddled eyes,
Specks of green,
Grey sky frowning upon us.
Warmth of chai,
Parathas with ghee.
Was it paddy my eye spotted?
Conversations in Malayalam.
Red nail paint,
Half scratched.
A sting on the toe,
Thoughts of monsoon.
The familiar voice of Rahman.
Marked by trees.
Smell of corn,
We shared one.
A detour.
The final pit stop?
Two rooms,
With a view.
 A trail,
Coloured with white.
 Flowers, maybe?
Game of cards,
Cigarette butts,
Empty glass.
Mohammed Rafi,
The night took a silent melodic turn.
 Sing along,
A request was made.
Shot on a Saturday lazy afternoon.
Holding the flower, she smiled.
Look who came by to wish morning
The old world still has its charm.
The clouds gathered in quick succession
A view to die for.
Classic British architecture at its best.
Fresh clean air, we sat there for hours.
We have returned from that trip. I have started to forget the smell of the rain, the songs and even the laughter. But I would remember the smile in her eyes, the deck of cards and maybe, maybe my thoughts, while I laid quietly in the meadow surrounded by yellow.

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