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Affordable Used Cars You Can’t Go Wrong With

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The Indian car market has been growing at a really fast rate. Today, an average Indian car buyer has a plethora of cars to choose from. Most of the cars on sale in India are well-sorted machines that are generally easy to maintain. However, there are some cars that are really reliable and indeed very easy to maintain. Thanks to these traits, these cars enjoy a great popularity, both in the new and the used car market. Today, we give you a quick look of affordable used cars you can’t go wrong with.

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6 Affordable Used Cars that are Cheap to Run, Easy to Maintain

Maruti Alto 800 and K10

used small car with best resale value maruti alto k10 images

The Maruti Alto 800 and K10 are among the most popular small cars on sale in India. Both these models are easy on the pocket and as reliable as Swiss clockwork. Also, spares are cheap and it’s easy to procure parts from even the non-authorized service centres. Another really important point is their three-cylinder engines offer a good mix of performance and high fuel mileage. These engines are known to remain trouble-free for lakhs of kilometer. All this makes the Alto 800 and the Alto K10 very sensible options in the used car market. Also, this is the very reason people are even willing to pay a premium for these two

Maruti WagonR

used small car with best resale value maruti wagonr images

The second car on our list is another Maruti Suzuki – the WagonR. Internationally, the WagonR has been the highest-selling tallboy ever. Even in India, this A-segment hatchback is widely popular amongst first-time car buyers and fleet operators. A major reason for this is the car’s highly reliable and frugal 1.0-litre K10 petrol engine. It’s really tough going wrong with this car as periodic maintenance is all it requires to keep it in shape. Also, parts are cheap and easily available. Maruti’s wide service network is another bonus. Easily among the safest bets in our list of Affordable Used Cars You Can’t Go Wrong With

Hyundai Grand i10

used small car with best resale value hyundai grand i10 images

The Grand i10 is among the highest selling Hyundai cars in India. In spite of being a lower B-segment offering, this Korean hatchback offers a good mix of performance, frugality, features, and space. Available with both Petrol and Diesel engines, the Grand i10 is high on reliability and mileage. Also, the spacious cabin and the light controls make it a perfect buy for those looking for a high-quality small hatchback. Hyundai’s wide service network makes the deal sweeter.

Maruti Swift

used small car with best resale value maruti swift images

The Swift has been one of the most successful small cars in India. The Swift is very popular, both in the new and the used car markets. Its petrol engine, which is a 1.2-litre, four-cylinder, naturally-aspirated unit from Suzuki’s K-series of engines, is widely known to offer a high reliability, refinement, and mileage. On the other hand, its Diesel engine, which is a Fiat-sourced 1.3-litre turbocharged unit, has been internationally acclaimed to offer a good mix of durability, performance, and efficiency. Of course, you get all the traits of a typical Maruti, which means parts are cheap and the car can be serviced at any of the thousands of authorized service centers that are spread across the nation.


Renault Duster

affordable used cars renault-duster

The Renault Duster is fast getting dated and has lost out to the Hyundai Creta, but it is still one of the more reliable SUVs you can buy in the used market today. The Duster is sufficiently rugged and what makes it an extremely safe bet is the internationally-acclaimed 1.5-litre K9K Diesel engine. Available in 90 PS and 110 PS tunes, this engine offers a good mix of fuel mileage and performance. Also, spares are pretty well-priced and the SUV enjoys a pretty high build quality. Renault India has been busy expanding its sales and service network, which is another factor that makes us feature this SUV on our list here.

Toyota Etios Diesel

best used diesel cars below 6 lakhs toyota etios

The Toyota Etios Diesel is another car that is really high on reliability, mileage, and ease of ownership. While its looks are a tad boring, the interior is also very comfortable and spacious. The Toyota Etios Diesel is powered by a 1.4-litre turbocharged oil-burner that outputs a maximum power of 67 bhp along with a peak torque of 170 Nm. True, the engine is not too powerful but it makes for the slight lack of power by offering a high durability and mileage. The 14 D4D engine is known to be fairly reliable and can easily last a couple of lakhs of kilometers without requiring any major repair work. Another major advantage is Toyota’s wide service network that is known to offer a very high customer satisfaction.

So, this is our list of Affordable Used Cars You Can’t Go Wrong With

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