Buying Alto K10 Used Car - Second-hand Car Buying Guide

Buying Alto K10 Used Car – Second-hand Car Buying Guide

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Buying Alto K10 Used Car – Second-hand Car Buying Guide

Team CARS24

Our guide on buying an Alto K10 used car will help you pick up the correct second-hand Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 for yourself

The Maruti Suzuki Alto K10, which is the more powerful version of the country’s largest selling budget car, is a well-sorted model that excels in many departments. Thanks to these attributes, it sells in decent numbers every month. The popularity of this entry-level hatchback in the new car market also translates into a great demand in the used car world. Thanks to the general traits of Maruti Suzuki models viz high reliability, great after sales, low maintenance, and high frugality, the K10 demands a good value in the second-hand world of cars. However, buying an Alto K10 used car can often turn out to be a tricky proposition for some. But we still think it makes for a good buy for all those looking for a low-cost car that is high on performance, has low maintenance, and offers reasonable passenger comfort and a good AC. Hence, we have come up with a list of important aspects you should look at while buying Alto K10 used car –

Buying Alto K10 Used Car – Essential Points to Consider

Alto K10 Used Car Tip#1 – Defective Door Latch

This is an issue that is specific to the 1st generation of the Maruti Alto K10. Some batches of this vehicle, especially the ones manufactured between December 2014 and February 2015, was sold with potentially defective ride side door latches. While Maruti Suzuki has recalled some 33,098 units of the Alto 800 and the Alto K10 to rectify the defect, it’s a good idea to be sure that the latches are in good shape as some owners might have missed the recall.

The defective door latches have a problem with closing properly, and the doors often need to be shut closed several times to achieve proper closure. In some cases, it has been found out that in spite of being closed securely, the doors tend to open up on their own without any usage of the door handles. Even applying slight pressure on the door is sufficient to open the ones with defective latches. Hence, it gets really important for owners of such cars to get the defective latches replaced with the new ones at the authorized Maruti Suzuki dealerships. Hence, be sure that the Maruti Alto K10 used car you are about to put your money on doesn’t suffer from this defect.

Alto K10 Used Car Tip#2 – Rattles

The interior of the Maruti Alto K10 is highly prone to rattles. This is one issue that is prevalent in many low-price Maruti cars. While many blame the below-par build quality for this problem, a major culprit for this is the rough usage the cars are subjected to. Moreover, being a budget car, one shouldn’t expect a very high build quality in the first place. Hence, it won’t be surprising to find out rattles in the used Alto K10 car you’ve been thinking of buying.

The good news is that most of the rattles can be taken care of easily. For instance. The rattle coming from the door pads and the dashboard can be cured simply by the tightening of the nuts and the fasteners that hold these panels in place. Also, the rattling issue in some of the plastic parts can be easily sorted out simply by putting a layer of double-sided tape between the surfaces of the panels. Also, in the rare case one experiences rattling from the engine, the only solution is to replace the engine mounts. While it isn’t the simplest of the procedures, be assured that it won’t leave a deep hole in your pocket. Being a Maruti Suzuki model, the Alto K10 has competitively priced spare parts. Hence, in case the Maruti Alto K10 used you’re about to buy suffers from the above issues, you can still think of buying it as the problem of rattling doesn’t take much to be sorted out.

Alto K10 Used Car Tip#3 – Gear Shifting to Neutral Unexpectedly

The Maruti Alto K10 became one of the first cars in its segment to offer an optional AMT. However, there’s a commonly occurring issue with some of the AMT models of the latest generation Alto K10’s AMT gearbox. The AMT transmission on some of the Alto K10s is prone to automatically shifting to neutral, accompanied by a Transaxle Warning Light (Transmission Warning Light) switching on. Several AMT-equipped K10s suffer from this issue. Hence, you are requested to be careful while picking up the automatic transmission model of the K10.

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The culprit for this problem is the incorrect programming of the AMT control module. The erroneous programming ends up pushing the module to choose the wrong gear at the wrong engine speeds, thereby putting excessive load on the clutch. This, in turn, leads to the clutch heading up. As a safety precaution, a safety system in the control module shifts to neutral to save the clutch from permanent damage due to the heat. Therefore, while test driving a used Maruti Alto K10 AMT, make sure you the car you are sampling doesn’t experience this issue.

Alto K10 Used Car Tip#4 – Engine Misfiring

Another commonly occurring issue with the both the Alto 800 and the Alto K10 is the frequent engine misfiring. While detecting a series of minor misfires might not be easy, the malfunctioning leads to a corresponding drop in power. This issue is often noticeable at high engine speeds and hence, while test driving a used Maruti Alto K10, make sure you put it through its paces to be aware of the misfiring problem, if any. The lag is power gets very easy to detect at high engine speeds, which due to the accumulation of the carbon residues and dirt in the engine’s throttle body of the engine.

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The excessing carbon deposits clog the throttle body, just like excessive fat can reduce to the clogging of arteries. Due to this clogging, sufficient fuel fails to reach the combustion chamber when you press the accelerator. Due to the lack of adequate fuel, the lean air-fuel mixture released into the combustion chamber leads to a misfire. In case the car you are testing suffers from this issue, one needs to get the throttle body properly cleaned. This is a time consuming and somewhat expensive procedure. In case the carbon deposit is high, the engine flush, which is commonly used to clean up the motor, doesn’t help. Hence, it’s a good idea to steer clear of such Maruti Alto K10 used car examples.

We hope our guide on buying a well-maintained Maruti Alto K10 used car will help you choose the correct second-hand model for yourself.