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42 Percent of Indians Will Buy A Family Car, Likely A Pre-owned After Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has almost bought the world to a standstill. In simple words, it's caged the majority of the ...

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Indians Will Buy More Used Cars Than New One’s Post The Coronavirus Lockdown

The lockdown has definitely affected our daily lives, social distancing is set to become the new normal at least for ...

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Auto Companies Record Zero Sales for First Time in History

Coronavirus has proved to be the pandemic it is in more ways than one. Not only has it claimed thousands ...

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6 World Famous Car Museums To Virtually Visit This Weekend For Free

As the lockdown marks its one month of existence, almost everyone has run out of things to do while stuck ...

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Chinese Government is Giving Cash to Car Buyers to Boost Sales

The coronavirus pandemic has gripped the entire world and shows no signs of subsiding. It has slowly and steadily engulfed ...

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8 Powerful Tips To Stay Positive During Coronavirus Lockdown

The Prime Minister announced that the lockdown has been extended till May 3rd. While many of us have not stepped ...

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Car shaped like Coronavirus unveiled to spread awareness!

The world has been an unusual place for the past couple of weeks. It has seen unusual events, unusual ailments, ...

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When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Gets Going

For the first time in my professional life, I have experienced this saying in action! And not just for myself, ...

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Will Toyota bring the Epic and Epic Black Fortuner to India

Toyota has revealed the new Fortuner Epic and Epic Black in international markets. Available in South Africa, the new Fortuner ...

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CARS24 is Raising The Bar of Employee Engagement As They Work From Home

For the past couple of weeks, the world as we know it has seen a lot. Both the world at ...

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6 Must Watch Online Series For Die-Hard Car Enthusiasts On Netflix And Prime

Let's be honest. The lockdown has put a serious hamper on all our movements. A tough time for die-hard car ...

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Coronavirus Lockdown: Government to Extend Validity Deadlines For Vehicle Documents

In a rare moment of respite for the public amidst the coronavirus lockdown, the Union Government has decided to extend ...

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