Bengaluru Youth Killed While Trying To Sell Bike To A Stranger Online

Bengaluru Youth Killed While Trying To Sell Bike To A Stranger Online

According to a recent article on, a Bengaluru-based techie, Sohan Haldar, was found dead in his apartment in Bangalore under mysterious circumstances. His friends found him dead when he had not shown up for work.

When the police were informed, preliminary investigations showed that there was no forced entry into the apartment where he was staying. Later, police found the reason behind his shocking death — he was murdered for a motorcycle, a KTM Duke 390.

Sohan wanted to sell his KTM and posted an ad on ‘Second to None‘ Facebook page. Looking at the ad, Karthik M Doulath, an engineering graduate contacted Sohan, saying he was interested. Karthik met Sohan in his apartment on August 1, and later on August 3 to finalize the deal to buy the motorcycle.

Ad Uploaded by Soham
Ad Uploaded by Soham

Later that day, the two had a few drinks, and Karthik, forced Shohan to drink alcohol laced with Silver Potassium content (cyanide), and fearing Sohan would still be alive, he covered his face with a cloth till Sohan eventually died of asphyxiation.

Later, Karthik fled with Sohan’s motorcycle, helmet, and his wallet. He even withdrew Rs. 27,000 from an ATM using Sohan’s card. Police later traced down Karthik with the help of Sohan’s mobile phone call records and arrested Karthik, a resident of Rajajinagar, Bangalore.

Sohan Haldar, the victim
Sohan Haldar, the victim

Karthik was also caught on CCTV leaving Sohan’s building with the motorcycle. He, in fact, stole the motorcycle and tried to sell it in his area, while the police had already registered a case of motorcycle theft with the help of Sohan’s friends.

For Karthik, this was not his first such incident. He was accused of drilling a hole into a private MNC bank premises to commit theft, tried to steal gold from a jewelry shop, and also sedated his friend’s parents once to steal a laptop; he was arrested for these crimes.

Our heartfelt condolences for Sohan and his family. This incidence leaves us with one message, we should never trust strangers when it comes to buying and selling commodities online (Selling Cars,Bikes,Electronics).

Source- Drivespark

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