Best 100cc Bikes in India 2020-21 - Price, Mileage, Specifications, Colors, Images

Best 100cc Bikes in India 2020-21 – Price, Mileage, Specifications, Colors, Images

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Best 100cc Bikes in India 2020-21 – Price, Mileage, Specifications, Colors, Images

Indian motorcycle market was once filled with countless 100cc motorcycles but the whole scenario has been changed with the passage of time. All motorcycle manufacturer now focuses more on the 110cc segment instead of 100cc as they provide better performance in the urban jungle along with nearly same fuel efficiency as their 100cc counterparts. Here is the list of 100cc bikes available in the Indian market right now.

Best 100cc Bikes Price List in India

ModelPrice (Ex-showroom Delhi)
TVS XL100₹ 48,839
Bajaj CT 100₹ 44,890
Hero HF Deluxe₹ 48,950
Bajaj Platina 100₹ 50,592
TVS Scooty Pep Plus₹ 53,854
Hero Splendor Plus₹ 60,960

All the 100cc bikes is the backbone of Indian two-wheeler sales as they take up more than 70% market share in the monthly sales reports. These bikes are the jewels of past and all the models available here are the best sellers in their respective company’s line-up. With the implementation of BS6 emission norms, many bike models have been discontinued due to low demand and lacklustre sales. Some have been upgraded by fitting large 110cc engines to keep the development costs down.

100cc Bikes are backbone of Indian motorcycle market with more than two-thirds of sales coming from this segment

What we are presenting here are some of the highest-selling motorcycles that cannot be replaced or played with unless the customers demand. All the 100cc bikes are basic commuter motorcycles with emphasis on the practicality and fuel efficiency. They do not have edgy features and are focused for sale in tier 2, tier 3 cities as well as in the rural market.

Check out the best 100cc bikes in India that you can purchase in the year 2020-21. All these bikes are upgraded to BS6 emission standards and come with an electronic fuel injection system.

TVS XL 100

TVS XL 100 is one of the oldest two-wheelers from the factory of TVS motors. It was the first moped in the country which participated in racing tournaments as well. Shocking, right? The XL 100 is the king of luggage carriers and excels at it. You can spot a couple of XL 100s in a single day that too with old 80cc, 2-stroke engines.

TVS XL 100 - Best 100cc Bikes in India

For controlling rising pollution levels in the cities, the Government of India decided to ban all the new and old 2 stroke two-wheelers. And this directly affected the TVS XL 100. The company then fitted the XL 100 with a larger 100cc, 4-stroke engine which now gets Eco Thrust Fuel Injection (ET-Fi) system.

The design of the TVS XL 100 is similar to what it had a couple of decades ago. There is no significant change in the design language even with the BS6 upgrade. However, the company has rolled out a family-oriented version of the moped which goes by the name XL 100 Comfort. It gets a single-piece seat with dual-tone stitching with beige internal parts.

The XL 100 is powered by an air-cooled, 99.7cc, single-cylinder engine with electronic fuel injection system (ET-Fi). This motor generates a modest 4.29 bhp at 6000 rpm and a peak torque of 6.5 Nm which arrives at 3500 rpm. There is no manual gearbox as it gets an automatic transmission. The numbers are on the lower side even for a 100cc engine. This is done to ensure that the fuel efficiency is high and the engine is capable of hauling large loads on a daily basis.

With lesser power output, the engine doesn’t get overheat and thus the reliability is maintained over a long period of time. The average fuel economy of BS6 XL 100 is near about 55 km per litre. It comes with a 4-litre fuel tank which ensures a range of 220 km or so in a single tankful. You might worry why the fuel efficiency is low on the moped despite low power figure?

The answer to this question is the presence of automatic gearbox and high reduction. The top speed of XL 100 is about 60 kmph and even for normal commuting you might touch that number more often leading to lower fuel economy. Also, while carrying heavy loads such as parcels and other stuff, the moped’s little engine works hard which in turn delivers lower fuel efficiency.

Speaking about the features, the XL 100 is a pretty basic machine. You only get a small analogue speedometer and odometer. The company also omitted the fuel gauge to keep the costs as low as possible. However, there is a low fuel light for the purpose. You might be surprised to find a USB port to charge your mobile phone on the go.

TVS XL 100 is best choice for rural areas and tier 3 cities where you have to deal with bad roads and sometimes, no roads at all. It is the best option for material handlers and courier service delivery partners.

ModelTVS XL100
Engine99.7 cc
Power4.29 bhp @ 6,000 rpm
Torque6.5 Nm @ 3,500 rpm
Front SuspensionSpring Shocks
Rear SuspensionTwin Shock
Front BrakeDrum
Rear BrakeDrum
Weight88 kg
Fuel Tank4 Ltr
Mileage55 kmpl
Range220 km
Price (Ex-showroom Delhi)₹ 48,839

Bajaj CT 100

Next, we have Bajaj CT 100 which is one of the finest 100cc bikes in the market right now. CT 100 is a popular bike in tier 3 and rural markets as it is quite sturdy and offers the best value to your hard-earned money. It is also the cheapest 100cc bike in India with a starting price tag of Rs 44,890 ex-showroom, New Delhi.

Bajaj CT 100 - Best 100cc Bikes in India

Not only the price is low, but you also get two variants in CT 100 – one with only kick start and a premium variant with electric start. Pick one according to your needs and requirements. The bike carries a modest design with bikini variant comprised of a front cowl, side panels and rear panels. You get a body-coloured front fender for better visual appeal. What you’d miss is LED headlights which are avoided by the company to keep the cost down.

At the heart of Bajaj CT 100 is an air-cooled, 102cc, single-cylinder engine which comes with a basic 2-valve head. This BS6 compliant and fuel-injected motor churns out 7.79 bhp at 7500 rpm and a peak torque of 8.34 Nm at 5500 rpm. The engine is mated to a 4-speed gearbox via a multi-plate clutch with gear ratios tuned for city performance. With an added catalytic converter and fuel injection system, the weight of the bike is pegged at 114 kg which is still on the lighter side.

The performance of the bike is typical to any other commuter bike. It offers good initial pickup and adequate roll-on acceleration which will come handy in congested urban traffic. Being a 100cc bike, the main topic of discussion will its mileage and the bike returns an amazing mileage of 75 km per litre. CT 100 can travel about 787.5 km with a fuel tank capacity of 10.5 litres. If you ride a limited number of kilometres, the bike can last for one whole month without refilling the tank.

In the name of features, you get all analogue instrument panel comprised on an analogue speedometer, odometer and fuel gauge. Economy speed range is marked on the speedometer itself which indicates the right speed at which the bike will deliver the highest mileage. Apart from this, there is a combined braking system to make sure you halt the bike at the right time without any fuss. However, the company should have offered a disc brake variant of the CT 100 for better braking performance. At both the ends, there are drum brakes which keep the price of the bike in check.

Bajaj CT 100 requires the least amount of maintenance and extra care. All you need is regular services at right intervals for better health and long-running of the bike.

ModelBajaj CT 100
Engine102 cc
Power7.79 bhp @ 7,500 rpm
Torque8.34 Nm @ 5,500 rpm
Front SuspensionTelescopic Forks
Rear SuspensionTwin Shock
Front BrakeDrum
Rear BrakeDrum
Weight114 kg
Fuel Tank10.5 Ltr
Mileage75 kmpl
Range787.5 km
Price (Ex-showroom Delhi)₹ 44,890

Hero HF Deluxe

Hero HF Deluxe is also a 100cc bike which is present in the Indian market for decades. It gets the blessing in the form of Splendor’s engine but at a cheaper price tag. HF Deluxe is a perfect option for anyone looking for a cheaper alternative to the highly popular Hero Splendor Plus. There is an option for a kick start and alloy wheels as well. These two options are not available in the Splendor Plus.

Hero HF Deluxe - Best 100cc Bikes in India

The HF Deluxe sells more than 1 lack unit on a monthly basis which is second to only the Splendor Plus which records nearly double the sales. It is a low maintenance commuter bike with good comfort and practicality for your daily commuting needs. If you are tech-savvy, Hero has another option for you which comes with i3S technology to increase the fuel efficiency of the bike.

Powering HF Deluxe is an air-cooled, 97.2cc, single-cylinder engine which a 2-valve head. This petrol unit develops a max power of 7.91 bhp at 8000 rpm and a peak torque of 8.05 Nm at 6000 rpm. The power transmission duties are performed by a 4-speed gearbox connected via a multi-plate clutch. To keep the maintenance, the chain is covered in a metallic encasement which also increases the life of chainset.

To keep the bike simple and appealing to a wide range of audience, it is fitted with an all-analogue instrument cluster. There is a speedometer, odometer and fuel gauge which suffice the needs of the customers at which this bike is targeted. With a strong build quality and robust reliability, it is the best bike for rural areas and other small cities and towns. However, Hero MotoCorp has the largest service network where you can get your bike serviced properly.

Hero HF Deluxe is suspended by a pair of telescopic forks at the front and twin shock absorbers with hydraulic dampers at the rear end. Braking performance comes from drum brakes at both ends accompanied by the combined braking system. The braking could have been better, had the company provided a front disc brake for a reasonable premium.

It is a sure shot product for complete peace of mind and longevity.

ModelHero HF Deluxe
Engine97.2 cc
Power7.91 bhp @ 8,000 rpm
Torque8.05 Nm @ 6,000 rpm
Front SuspensionTelescopic Forks
Rear SuspensionTwin Shock
Front BrakeDrum
Rear BrakeDrum
Weight109 kg
Fuel Tank9.6 Ltr
Mileage65 kmpl
Range624 km
Price (Ex-showroom Delhi)₹ 48,950

Bajaj Platina 100

There was a time when Bajaj was considered to a brand only for performance motorcycles but that’s not the case as the Pune based company also develops reliable commuter motorcycle which returns great fuel economy. Bajaj Platina 100 is a spiced-up version of the CT 100 and features better styling and features. The best part is, it is a low maintenance motorcycle which is ideal for everyday city commuting.

Bajaj Platina 100 - Best 100cc Bikes in India

The Bajaj Platina 100 is powered by an air-cooled, single-cylinder, 102cc engine which is headed by a 2-valve valvetrain. This petrol motor makes an ideal for city power of 7.79 bhp at 7500 rpm and 8.3 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm. The engine is paired to a 4-speed gearbox which is placed strategically to deliver best city performance.

Feature-wise, the Platina 100 is a better option than the CT 100. It gets an analogue speedometer odometer and a fuel gauge along with typical tell-tale lights. What we miss in this bike is a trip meter which could be helpful in recording certain trips.

Speaking about the fuel economy, the Platina returns a mileage of about 77 km per litre. This is an ARAI claimed mileage which will definitely drop to about 65 km per litre in the real-world riding conditions. The bike’s fuel tank holds about 11 litres of petrol which can deliver a range of 847 km when ARAI mileage is considered. This high fuel efficiency is achieved by the installation of an electronic fuel injection system to make sure the engine is compliant to the latest BS6 emission norms.

There are telescopic forks at the front and twin shock absorbers at the rear which governs the suspension of the bike. It is tuned to towards the softer side to provide seamless ride quality over the bad roads and potholes. Bajaj Platina 100 is well suited for mature riders who need to commute between home and office every day.

Bajaj Platina comes in three variants – Drums brakes with a kick start, Drum brakes with self-start and Disc brake with self-start. The top of the line disc brake variant provides excellent braking performance. Coupled to a combined braking tech, the bike will stop at your will without drama.

ModelBajaj Platina 100
Engine102 cc
Power7.79 bhp @ 7,500 rpm
Torque8.3 Nm @ 5,500 rpm
Front SuspensionTelescopic Forks
Rear SuspensionTwin Shock
Front BrakeDrum
Rear BrakeDrum
Weight116 kg
Fuel Tank11 Ltr
Mileage77 kmpl
Range847 km
Price (Ex-showroom Delhi)₹ 50,592

TVS Scooty Pep Plus

Let’s talk about one and only 100cc scooter that is available in India post discontinuation of BS4 vehicles. TVS chose to upgrade the Scooty Pep Plus because it is a perfect scooter for female riders and there is no other scooter present in the market that caters directly to the female riders in India. By looking at the sales numbers of Scooty Pep Plus, it never fails to record more than 10,000 units per month. Therefore, we can conclude that TVS had taken the perfect decision by upgrading the Scooty Pep Plus to BS6 emission norms.

TVS Scooty Pep Plus - Best 100cc Bikes in India in 2020-21

It is a common belief that scooters are cheaper than motorcycles but that is not the case always, scooters are comparatively as expensive as feature-loaded scooters or at beast a couple of thousand rupees cheaper than the bikes. However, TVS Scooty Pep Plus is the most affordable scooter available in the country at present. Priced at Rs 53,854 ex-showroom, New Delhi.

Being an entry-level scooter, the TVS Scooty Pep Plus derives its power from a small 87.8cc, single-cylinder engine which is cooled by forcing air at the engine via a fan which is connected to the crankshaft of the engine. This 2-valve engine fuelled by Eco Thrust Fuel injection system generates a modest 5.3 bhp at 6500 rpm and a peak torque of 5.8 Nm that comes up at 4000 rpm. The power is transmitted via a variomatic belt drive system.

With these power and torque figures, the performance of the Scooty Pep Plus is on the lower side. The acceleration is slow as it takes more than 12 seconds for the scooter to touch 60 kmph. The top speed is the region of 65 to 70 kmph. That said, it is a perfect scooter to learn riding for the beginner riders.

To keep the cost as low as possible, the company made sure no extra features are passed to the customers. The Scooty Pep Plus comes with fully analogue instrument cluster with a speedometer, odometer and a fuel gauge. At the front end, the headlamp is also a basic halogen unit.

It gets 10-inch steel wheels at both ends which are equipped with drums brakes. Braking is also on the softer side so that rider doesn’t get panicked while braking. Also, there is a synchronised braking system that applies both brakes when only the rear brake lever is pulled.

The suspension is comprised of telescopic forks up front and a spring-loaded hydraulic damper at the rear. Scooty Pep Plus offers a soft ride with softer suspension tuning. Although small 10-inch wheels unsettle the scooter over bad roads that are filled with potholes.

The seat height of the scooter is lowest in the segment which is pegged at 765mm. Also, an important point to note is the weight of the scooter which stands at 93 kg. Due to these parameters, the TVS Scooty Pep Plus is a good scooter for female riders as well as riders who are learning to ride a two-wheeler.

ModelTVS Scooty Pep Plus
Engine87.7 cc
Power5.3 bhp @ 6,500 rpm
Torque6.5 Nm @ 3,500 rpm
Front SuspensionTelescopic Fork
Rear SuspensionShock Absorber
Front BrakeDrum
Rear BrakeDrum
Weight93 kg
Fuel Tank4.2 Ltr
Mileage60 kmpl
Range250 km
Price (Ex-showroom Delhi)₹ 53,854

Hero Splendor Plus

Finally, we have the most expensive 100cc bike in this list which is none other than the mighty Hero Splendor Plus. With sales numbers greater than 2 lakh units every month, there is no bike in the market which can unsettle India’s favourite motorcycle among the masses.

Hero Splendor Plus - Best 100cc Bikes in India

There is no doubt in the fact that the first commuter bike that comes in the mind of a regular person is Hero Splendor. It is only after reviewing the bike, the customer searches for other contenders in the market. Hero Splendor Plus is an icon on its own accord. The bike is more than three decades old and continues to use the same old components with better quality and finish.

With the BS6 upgrade, the bike gets an electronic fuel injection system which Hero like to call Programmed Fi. The mileage of the bike has been increased a bit and now delivers more than 65 km in a single litre of fuel. With the addition of fuel injection technology, the fuel tank of the bike is reduced to 9.8 litres and with the mileage mentioned above, you can ride the Splendor Plus for about 640 km in a single tankful.

At the heart of Hero Splendor Plus, you will find Honda’s tried and tested single-cylinder, 97.2cc engine. This unit is all basic in nature and comes with a 2-valve head. It is capable of producing a net power of 7.91 bhp at 8000 rpm and a max torque of 8.05 Nm at 6000 rpm. The engine is connected to a 4-speed constant mesh gearbox operated with heel and toe shifter. You get a perfect city riding power delivery in the Hero Splendor Plus.

The bike gets regular telescopic forks at the front and twin shock absorbers at the rear. This soft suspension setup offers a comfortable ride over the bad roads and more than enough stability in urban traffic.

Since the Splendor’s main purpose is to move people from one place to another with comfort and practicality, the company avoids adding any further complicated techs like digital instrument cluster or other flashy features. There is a simple two-pod instrument panel which is occupied by an analogue speedometer, odometer and a fuel gauge. Completing the dashboard is a list of tell-tale lights for rider information.

If you are eager to spend more money on the Splendor Plus, Hero is offering a model of the bike with i3S technology. This system increases the mileage of bike in the city riding conditions by switching off the engine at the red lights. When you press the clutch, the engine restarts and you can go without having to start it manually.

The braking performance comes from drum brakes at both ends and Hero MotoCorp has not even bothered to provide an option for disc brake at the front in India’s highest-selling bike till date. However, there is a combined braking system which works well to bring the bike to a controlled halt under hard braking.

Hero Splendor has proved its mettle with impeccable reliability, high mileage and practicality. It is also a low maintenance bike which will run along with you for years if proper servicing is done at regular intervals.

ModelHero Splendor Plus
Engine97.2 cc
Power7.91 bhp @ 8,000 rpm
Torque8.05 Nm @ 6,000 rpm
Front SuspensionTelescopic Forks
Rear SuspensionTwin Shock
Front BrakeDrum
Rear BrakeDrum
Weight110 kg
Fuel Tank9.8 Ltr
Mileage65 kmpl
Range637 km
Price (Ex-showroom Delhi)₹ 60,960

In Conclusion…

This was a small list of best 100cc bikes in India. The Indian motorcycle market is home of countless machine ranging from bare basic 100cc bike to 1000cc superbikes. However, it is the 100cc segment which is high in demand and brings about 70% sales to the table.

Most companies are moving towards the 110cc segment as it offers room for more power and performance as well as modern-day features for a premium appeal. The bikes in this have a great past and unforgettable name tag due to which their respective manufacturers kept them stable in this segment.

We hope that you can choose the right bike for you according to your needs and usage pattern. Which one will you choose and why? Do tell us in the comments section below.

Always wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle and follow all the traffic rules. This way we can make our roads safer for all. Stay tuned for more from the motorcycling world at Cars 24 Moto.

Best 100cc Bikes in India Specifications: Engine and Gearbox

TVS XL10099.7 cc4.29 bhp @ 6,000 rpm6.5 Nm @ 3,500 rpmAutomatic
Bajaj CT 100102 cc7.79 bhp @ 7,500 rpm8.34 Nm @ 5,500 rpm4-Speed
Hero HF Deluxe97.2 cc7.91 bhp @ 8,000 rpm8.05 Nm @ 6,000 rpm4-Speed
Bajaj Platina 100102 cc7.79 bhp @ 7,500 rpm8.3 Nm @ 5,500 rpm4-Speed
TVS Scooty Pep Plus87.7 cc5.3 bhp @ 6,500 rpm6.5 Nm @ 3,500 rpmV-Matic
Hero Splendor Plus97.2 cc7.91 bhp @ 8,000 rpm8.05 Nm @ 6,000 rpm4-Speed

Best 100cc Bikes in India Specifications: Suspension, Wheels and Brakes

ModelFront SuspensionRear SuspensionWheelsFront BrakeRear Brake
TVS XL100Spring ShocksTwin ShockSpokeDrumDrum
Bajaj CT 100Telescopic ForksTwin ShockAlloyDrumDrum
Hero HF DeluxeTelescopic ForksTwin ShockSpoke/AlloyDrumDrum
Bajaj Platina 100Telescopic ForksTwin ShockAlloyDrumDrum
TVS Scooty Pep PlusTelescopic ForkShock AbsorberSteelDrumDrum
Hero Splendor PlusTelescopic ForksTwin ShockAlloyDrumDrum

Best 100cc Bikes in India Specifications: Weight, Mileage and Price

ModelWeightFuel TankMileageRangePrice (Ex-showroom Delhi)
TVS XL10088 kg4 Ltr51 kmpl204 km₹ 48,839
Bajaj CT 100114 kg10.5 Ltr75 kmpl787.5 km₹ 44,890
Hero HF Deluxe109 kg9.6 Ltr65 kmpl624 km₹ 48,950
Bajaj Platina 100116 kg11 Ltr77 kmpl847 km₹ 50,592
TVS Scooty Pep Plus93 kg4.2 Ltr60 kmpl250 km₹ 53,854
Hero Splendor Plus110 kg9.8 Ltr65 kmpl637 km₹ 60,960

Best 100cc Bikes in India FAQs

Q: Should I wait for upcoming bikes to purchase one or choose between the bikes already available in market?

A: If you need a bike on an urgent basis then you should purchase from the bike available in the market today. If you already have a motorcycle and planning to buy a new one, then you can wait and see if a new bike will launch in this category.

Q: What is the highlight of the Bajaj Platina 100cc?

A: Bajaj Platina has a robust build quality that makes it last longer on bad roads such as in rural areas. Another important highlight of Bajaj Platina 100 is its high fuel efficiency of 77 kmpl.

Q: Why is the Scooty Pep Plus marketed especially for women riders?

A: Scooty Pep Plus is marketed especially for women riders because it is ultra-light in weight which will be easily manageable for women riders. Also, the seat height of the scooter is lowest in the entire scooter segment which makes it accessible for women riders.

Q: Which is the most affordable bike under 100cc?

A: Bajaj CT 100 is the most affordable bike under 100cc which is priced at Rs 44,890 ex-showroom Delhi.

Q: Which are the popular bikes under 100cc?

A: Hero Splendor Plus, Hero HF Deluxe, Bajaj Platina 100, Bajaj CT 100 and TVS XL 100 Heavy Duty are the popular bikes under 100cc.

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