Best Electric Bikes in India 2020-21 – Price, Mileage, Specifications, Colors, Images

Best Electric Bikes in India 2020-21 – Price, Mileage, Specifications, Colors, Images

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Best Electric Bikes in India 2020-21 – Price, Mileage, Specifications, Colors, Images

The petrol prices are rising every day,, and the same can be said about air pollution in the cities. Our Government is putting efforts towards the fast acceptance of electric vehicles in the country. In doing so, the Government has already enforced the FAME-II subsidy structure for electric vehicles in the country and is planning to install as many public charging stations as possible through the next decade.

Electric Bikes Price List in India

ModelPrice (ex-showroom)
Revolt RV 400₹ 1,29,463
Revolt RV 300₹ 1,10,963
Ultraviolette F77₹ 3,00,000
Ather 450₹ 1,08,847
Ather 450X₹ 1,48,754
Bajaj Chetak₹ 1,15,000
TVS iQube Electric₹ 1,15,000
Okinawa iPraise₹ 1,23,000
Hero Photon₹ 84,990
Ampere Magnus Pro₹ 73,990
Okinawa Ridge Plus₹ 73,417
Ampere Zeal₹ 68,799
Hero Optima ER₹ 74,990
Okinawa Lite₹ 63,990
Tronx One₹ 49,999
Lightspeed Dryft₹ 40,999
Lectro Zephyr SS₹ 17,850

We have many environmental problems in front of us in the form of air pollution and noise pollution. Electric bikes are the solution to these problems as they are powered by batteries and emanate the least noise while running. Electric bikes also offer many advantages over bikes which are powered by petrol.

First, electric bikes are silent, or you can say what comes out of them is light whining motor sound, they have much lower running cost in the range of 20-30 paise per km and on top of that they do not emit harmful exhaust gases. These advantages of electric bikes or scooters help reduce the immediate air pollution and noise pollution in the cities and pocket friendly for the owners.

Apart from these advantages, electric bikes are also easy to ride for everyone from all life stages. So, with electric vehicles on our roads, we’ll have cleaner air to breathe, calmer roads leading to better peace of mind. The electric bikes are also highly power-efficient, with motor efficiency lying above 90%. When you compare this number to a petrol engine, the efficiency you get is only 25% at max.

With low running costs, high efficiency, and silent running, why not start choosing electric bikes over their petrol-powered counterpart.

We talked about the advantages of electric bikes, but we must also make you aware of electric bikes’ limitations and disadvantages in general. At present, India doesn’t have an indigenous battery manufacturer. As a result, electric bike manufacturers are forced to import lithium-ion battery cells, increasing the whole product’s cost. Lithium-ion batteries are expensive to manufacture, and hence, they are far costlier than lead-acid batteries.

We cannot use lead-acid batteries because they are too heavy to be efficiently used in electric bikes, plus their charge capacity and life cycle is much lower than the lithium-ion cells. Thus, to keep the price of electric bikes are reasonable, companies have to keep the range of electric bikes limited for city usage only. Most electric bikes have a range of 50-100 km per charge if ridden sanely.

Another problem that persists with electric vehicles is their charging time. If you charge your electric bike’s battery or scooter from your home charging socket, they take around 4-5 hours of charging, which is too much waiting. Even at the public fast-charging stations, you have to have anywhere around 1 hour to 2 hours to charge the battery fully. On the other hand, petrol bikes take less than 5 minutes to refuel.

These are the real-world limitations that are causing people to step away from electric bikes and scooters.

But that’s not always the case in real-world conditions.

How? Consider you are an office going professional, and you use your petrol bike for about 40 km per day. If you replace your petrol bike with an electric bike, you can charge the battery overnight and use it for like 40-50 km every day without worrying about the range. Come back home in the evening and again put the battery on charge.

But make sure you don’t take your electric bike for highway cruising as the range is minimal, and you won’t find a charging facility out in the open highways.

To counter these problems, we present you this comprehensive list of the best electric bikes in India in 2020-21.

Revolt RV400

Initiated by the founder of Micromax, the Revolt is a brand of electric bikes in India powered by AI. Revolt RV400 is the company’s flagship product, and it is also christened as India’s first electric motorcycle after the country saw an ocean of slow speed electric scooters in the past few years.

A 3-kW electric motor powers the Revolt RV400, which is mounted in the motorcycle’s mid-section. This power is sent to the rear wheel by a belt-drive, which reduces the noise made by chain drives making the RV400 silent. The bike gets no gearbox apart from the single reduction via the belt drive.

Revolt RV400 gets a large 3.24 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, which allows you to travel anywhere between 80 km to 150 km in a single charge.

Revolt RV400 - Best electric bike in India 2020-21

Moving on to the performance figures, the Revolt RV400 tops out at 85 kmph, which is enough for Indian city conditions, and you won’t be riding at 85 kmph all day long. With the RV400, you get three riding modes with different top speed and range in each mode – Eco, Normal, and Sports. In the Eco mode, the speed is limited to 45 mph, and the bike can deliver you a range of about 150 km.

Normal mode decreases the range to 100 km as top speed increases to 65 kmph. Sports mode is where the fun begins as the top speed is increased to 85 mph, and motor power is delivered in full glory. However, in the Sports mode, the range anxiety kicks-in as the number of km you can travel in a single charge drops down to just 80 km.

A fully-digital instrument cluster welcomes as you sit on the rider seat. It provides a lot of information to the rider. There is a speedometer, odometer, trip meters, leftover battery charge, and distance to empty, which is an important feature in the RV400. The company also launched a mobile app that you can install on your smartphone and connect via Bluetooth for a host of features. You can also order a fully charged battery at any location where you ran out of charge.

The best part about Revolt RV400 is its removable battery. You can take your battery to your flat on a high-rise building for charging at your home. The lithium-ion battery pack is a single unit and weighs in at 19 kg, slightly on the higher side to take home every day. RV 400 offers first in the segment USD forks at the front and mono-shock at the rear. Dual disc brakes perform the braking duties at the front and the rear end.

If you are a short rider, a problem will bother you as the seat height is quite high at 814 mm, which is on the higher side. There is still a positive outcome of a high seat as the ground clearance is also high at 215 mm, which will avoid any possibility of battery flooding.

Moreover, the battery pack on the Revolt RV400 is dust and waterproof, aiding for better peace of mind in the monsoon season. You get full LED lighting at the front and the back with focused projector lamps at the front. One more point to note that RV400 is the only bike currently on sale in India, which is offered with superbike engine sounds for a small premium. This feature is a bit quirky but fun to flaunt.

ModelRevolt RV 400
Rated Power3000 W
Max PowerNA
Top Speed45-85 kmph
Battery Capacity3.24 kWh
Range80-150 km
Charging Time4.5 Hrs
Price (ex-showroom)₹ 1,29,463

Revolt RV300

In the Indian two-wheeler market, a brand cannot survive with just a single product on sale. It has to come up with more products or different variants of same product. By keeping this in mind, Revolt also launched an affordable electric bike is the form of RV300.

With a single glance, the bike will remind you of RV400 but there are certain changes made to keep the bike visually different from its elder sibling. These changes are subtle and mainly the colour scheme is differentiator.

Revolt RV300 - Best electric bike in India 2020-21

The Revolt RV300 is developed for people are looking for more range from their electric bike and doesn’t bother drop in the performance. RV300 gets a smaller lithium-ion battery pack with a capacity of 2.7 kWh when compared to RV400’s larger 3.24 kWh capacity.

In this case, the BLDC motor is a hub mounted unit which further helps in keeping the costs down by excluding the belt drive system. The motor is also less powerful with 1500 Watts of power which is capable to propelling the RV300 to a maximum speed of 65 kmph.

Due to lower motor power, the RV300 can go up to whooping 180 km in a single charge if you activated the Eco mode. Remember, that the battery capacity is also reduced but a major impact on the range is reflected by the motor power and riding behaviour. This long-range comes at a price with a reduced top speed of just 25 kmph. All the fun goes into the drain in the Eco mode of RV300.

For a balance of speed and range, you have to choose the normal mode which will allow the electric bike to deliver a range of 110 km with increased top speed of 45 kmph. Still far better than 25 kmph. What say? Finally, there is Sport mode in which the motor controller sends full power to the motor and top speed increases to 65 kmph with range dropping below 100 km in the range of 80 km in a single charge.

The company has provided a removable battery pack in the RV300 too which makes it quite practical for charging the battery pack in the safety of your home.

For a short rider, the problem of high seat height still remains on the RV300. On this electric bike, the seat is even higher at 826 mm. Although this high seat has helped in enhancing the ground clearance to 225 mm which is best in class.

Revolt has its presence in six Indian cities as of now which includes – Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai. The company plans to increase its presence in more cities next year.

ModelRevolt RV 300
Rated Power1500 W
Max PowerNA
Top Speed25-65 kmph
Battery Capacity2.7 kWh
Range80-180 km
Charging Time4.2 Hrs
Price (ex-showroom)₹ 1,10,963

Ultraviolette F77

Electric bike scenario is filled with mundane machines and to break the stereotype of electric bikes being slow, Ultraviolette, a Bangalore based start-up has chosen a different path towards the clean energy vehicles. The start-up unveiled India’s most powerful and sporty electric bike last year with deliveries to begin in the near future.

Ultraviolette F77 is also the most advanced electric bike in India as it gets top-notch hardware and impeccable software and connectivity suite. What makes this start-up special is that TVS motors, which is a mainstream two-wheeler manufacturer, has invested money in Ultraviolette and ultimately the design and development of F77 electric bike.

Ultraviolette F77 - Best electric bike in India 2020-21

The F77 electric bike is powered by a monstrous 25 kW electric motor which is equivalent to 33.5 bhp. The powertrain is equivalent to the power output of BMW G310R and is more powerful than the KTM Duke 250 that outputs around 30 bhp. With these numbers at hand, the F77 is clearly the most powerful electric bike in India as of now.

For better rideability and riding experience, the brand has opted to place the motor on the frame of the bike which is hidden by the fairing. Power is transmitted to the rear wheel by a chain drive system giving out the feel of a petrol-powered bike while running.

The lithium-ion battery pack is the centre of attraction which is among the highest capacity with 4.2 kWh energy capacity. No other electric bike or scooter has a battery of this size. This power source is capable of running the F77 up to 130-150 km in a single charge.

The motor is located in the main frame of the bike which is covered with fairing. Power is transmitted to the rear wheel via a chain drive giving a feel of riding a petrol bike minus the engine sound. Speaking about the battery pack, it is a 4.2 kWh capacity lithium-ion unit capable of delivery 130-150 km of range in a single full charge.

The brand has not clarified if there are different riding modes are available to extend range by limiting the top speed or if there is a cruise control for maximum range for highway rides

The most interesting fact about the battery pack of F77 is that it is divided into three different units of 1.4 kWh each and can be recharged separately. The battery pack is fitted inside a motorised battery holder which opens like a luxurious speciality. Just press a button on the instrument panel or the mobile app, a bay opens exposing the battery. This does look futuristic though.

Moving on to the performance of the electric sports bike, with a 33.5 bhp motor and 450 Nm torque at the rear wheel, the F77 does toss dust at its rivals. The F77 is quick enough to touch 100 kmph from standstill in about 7.5 seconds flat. With this kind of acceleration, the bike turns out to be faster than the KTM Due 250 which in turn is the fastest accelerating quarter litre bike in India. The top speed of F77 is pegged at 147 kmph.

What makes Ultraviolette stand out of the crowd? Its equipment and hardware. You get USD forks at the front and monoshock at the rear from Showa. The tyres are 110 section and 150 section at the front and rear respectively from Metzeler which provide leech-like grip on any road.

Braking performance comes from the 320 mm disc at the front end gripped by radial callipers delivering hard bite and outstanding feedback in the process. At the rear, you get a disc brake too with the whole system accompanied by dual-channel ABS for added safety.

In the name of the instrument cluster, there is a colourful TFT display with smartphone connectivity. The cluster offers a wide range of information which is further backed by the mobile app that you have to install.

ModelUltraviolette F77
Rated PowerNA
Max Power33.5 bhp (25 kW)
Top Speed147 kmph
Battery Capacity4.2 kWh
Range130-150 km
Charging Time5 Hrs (1.5 Hrs Fast Charge)
Price (ex-showroom)₹ 3,00,000

Ather 450

Speaking about the electric scooter, you mind will come across the Ather 450. It is one of the best electric scooters that’s available in the Indian market. Ather is a clean mobility start-up based in Bangalore and is eyeing on the electric vehicles market in India. The start-up is inching towards a clean energy ecosystem with their plan to enter 30 Indian cities by the end of 2021.

What Ather has done is that it provided innovative features in the only electric scooter that they launched. The best part is, the Ather 450 is completed designed and developed in India by the alumnus of IITs. With an all-aluminium frame weighing at just 111 kg, the scooter is lightweight and offers excellent rideability also being on-par with the 110cc petrol scooters in India.

Ather 450 - Best electric bike in India 2020-21

Unlike most electric scooters which have their motor installed at the hub or rear wheel, the Ather 450 engineers decided to place the motor under the rider’s seat. The power is delivered via a belt drive system. This set up decreases the unsprung weight that you get on a hub-mounted motor. This way the suspension works better and you get a pleasing ride experience.

The motor is rated at 3300 watts of continuous power while maximum power of 5400 Watts is delivered as per riding demand. Ather 450 is spirited when comes to performance. It touches 40 kmph from zero in 3.9 seconds and goes up to a top speed of 80 kmph. However, you get to touch the 80 kmph only in sport mode as other modes help in conserving power for enhanced range.

The three riding modes on offer are – Eco, Ride and Sport. You get a different power curve, top speed and range in each riding mode. Eco mode limits the top speed to 50 kmph and will deliver you a range of 75 km per charge while the Ride mode step-ups the top speed to 60 kmph with reduced range of 65 km in a single charge.

In the sport mode, the electronics inside the 450 will unleash all the power the motor is capable of producing for you to tame and reaches a maximum speed of 80 kmph. For the added performance in the sport mode the range falls to meagre 55 km per charge.

In the aesthetics department, the Ather 450 excels as it is an eye-candy and a running style statement. The white colour it is available in is definitely an icing on the cake. The lithium-ion battery pack capacity is 2.4 kWh which is capable of returning a real-world range of 55 to 75 km per charge depending on the ride mode you are riding in. The battery takes around 5 hours to completely charge from a regular home socket.

There is also an option for fast charging your Ather 450 at Ather Grid public charging stations. At present, Ather Grid is installed at multiple locations in Bangalore and Chennai city while installation work of fast charging stations in top 30 cities is under full swing. These charging infrastructures will fast-charge the 450’s battery pack to 80% in just one hour saving you 4 hours in the process. This charging speed translates into about 60 km range in 60 minutes. Quite amazing, right?

The instrument cluster of Ather 450 is a touchscreen unit, something which is not available on any two-wheeler in India. The instrument cluster displays all the basic information plus the information for better riding experience such as live leftover range, nearest Ather Grid charging station GPS navigation and much more.

The display offers you notifications of calls, messages and missed calls while you are on the run. This saves you from being distracted by your phone and concentrate on the riding. Just like the smartphones, you get over-the-air software updates even if you didn’t opt for connected services.

Ather 450 is available only in two cities as of now – Bangalore and Chennai. The start-up is working in to expand into 30 major cities of India. The dealership partners in Maharashtra and Gujarat have been unveiled by the company as a gesture on how fast the expansion work is going on.

ModelAther 450
Rated Power3300 W
Max Power5400 W
Top Speed80 kmph
Battery Capacity2.7 kWh
Range55-75 km
Charging Time5 Hrs (80% in 1 Hr Fast Charge)
Price (ex-showroom)₹ 1,08,847

Ather 450X

In the starting, Ather launched two electric scooters dubbed – Ather 450 and Ather 340. The Ather 340 was a scooter with less bells and whistles and was priced about Rs 10,000 less than the 450. To a great surprise, 99% people opted for the higher spec and fully loaded Ather 450 as it was just a grand away from the 340.

Ather 450X - Best electric bike in India 2020-21

The people were overwhelmed by the performance and practicality of the Ather 450 when compared to the 340 by paying a small cost. So, the company has to discontinue the 340 and focused their energy at the production of 450.

After this experience, the Bangalore based star-up decided to bring is a sportier version of the Ather 450 instead of going for the cheaper variant. Then they launched what is now known as Ather 450X. Ather 450X is equipped with a tad larger battery pack with 2.7 kWh capacity which improved the real-world range by 10 km to 85 km.

This was a welcome step but not when the price was considered. The 450X is priced sharply with a premium of 40,000 over the regular 450.

The maximum power output from the motor is also increased to 6000 Watts from 5400 Watts in the 450 as well as bumping up the torque from 22 Nm to 26 Nm. These changes helped the Ather 450x to hit the 40 kmph in just 3.3 seconds but the top speed remains the same at 80 kmph in a bid to keep the increased range as it is.

With Ather 450X the company also introduced two new colour options – Green and Black. The new colours do enhance the 450X sportier and funky nature.

ModelAther 450X
Rated Power3300 W
Max Power6000 W
Top Speed80 kmph
Battery Capacity2.9 kWh
Range60-85 km
Charging Time5 Hrs (80% in 1 Hr Fast Charge)
Price (ex-showroom)₹ 1,48,754

Bajaj Chetak

There was a time when Bajaj completely withdrew from the scooter market as they Krystal automatic scooter failed to attract customers. The Pune based manufacturer completely dedicated itself on the motorcycles and churned out great bikes after collaborating with KTM of Austria.

Last year, Bajaj launched a scooter with the iconic name tag of Chetak. What was it? It was the company’s first electric scooter. Period. Bajaj is among the only two mainstream manufacturers that have dared to launch an electric scooter in India.

Bajaj Chetak Electric - Best electric bike in India 2020-21

Coming back to the point, the Bajaj Chetak electric is the most luxurious electric scooter in the country. The scooter is available in two variants Urbane and Premium with a price difference of just Rs 5000.

Bajaj Chetak electric is propelled by a 3-kWh lithium-ion battery pack which delivers a real-world range of about 85 to 95 km in a full charge. The battery is IP67 rated making it water-resistant ending al the worries of taking scooter through the rainy days. As other premium electric scooters are providing fast charging facility on their scooters, Bajaj kept away from it as of now.

Hence, there is no fast charging facility available on the Chetak and you have to wait full 5 hours before the battery can be fully charged. However, the 80% charge is completed in 3.5 hours which makes it quite practical is case of immediate requirements.

A 3800 Watts BLDC motor with a peak power of 4080 Watts is what makes the Chetak moves. The top speed of Bajaj Chetak is 78 kmph which is idle for city use.

A fully digital instrument cluster is seen on the Chetak with Chrome bezels which looks premium. The company also offers connected features with Chetak electric and you can download and install related app in your smartphone to access those features.

Bajaj is providing a warranty of 3 years on the battery pack up to 50,000 kilometres for your peace of mind. At present, Chetak electric is available on select KTM dealerships to reflect its premium quotient.

ModelBajaj Chetak
Rated Power3800 W
Max Power4080 W
Top Speed78 kmph
Battery Capacity3.0 kWh
Range85-95 km
Charging Time5 Hrs
Price (ex-showroom)₹ 1,15,000

TVS iQube

Being an innovative two-wheeler manufacturer itself, there was no denying fact that TVS Motor Company could stay behind in the race of electric bikes and scooters in India. On one hand, the Chennai based manufacturer is investing in Ultraviolette electric bike start-up and on the other hand, TVS rolled out their own electric scooter iQube.

TVS iQube - Best electric bike in India 2020-21

TVS iQube is a funky electric scooter with futuristic design language. It gets a 4.5-kWh lithium-ion battery pack which is IP67 certified for being water-resistant. Despite having a large 4.5 kWh battery, the scooter runs for a meagre 75 km in the Eco mode which is the downside of the iQube.

This kind of range is given by Ather 450 but is way smaller battery of 2.4 kWh capacity. With a 4400 Watts electric motor, the TVS iQube can touch a top speed of 78 kmph which is enough for daily rides.

You will be greeted by an advance instrument cluster just like one present in the Ather 450. However, there is no touchscreen unit fitted with the cluster and you get to see the things it shows. A plethora of features is served with the iQube such as incoming calls and message notifications. You can track the scooter details, charge level, service due and many other nerdy statistics via a smartphone app.

If you are interested in going for Xconnect subscription service, you have to pay Rs 900 per year for added benefits.

TVS iQube is presently only available for sale in Bangalore city and the company will expand into more cities in the near future.

ModelTVS iQube Electric
Rated PowerNA
Max Power4400 W
Top Speed78 kmph
Battery Capacity4.5 kWh
Range75 km
Charging Time5 Hrs
Price (ex-showroom)₹ 1,15,000

Okinawa iPraise

Next, we have Okinawa iPraise electric scooter which is also present in our list of best electric bikes in India. Okinawa is an Indian brand which focuses only on electric scooters and iPraise is their flagship product. The “i” in the name suggest that this particular model is an intelligent version of the previous Praise model.

Okinawa iPraise - Best electric bike in India 2020-21

iPraise gets new lithium-ion battery pack which stores 3.3 kWh charge and can take you all the way to 140-160 km in a single charge only if you ride with a light wrist. The motor which does the job of propulsion is plonked in the hub of the rear wheel. The continuous power rating of this motor is just 1000 Watts quite low for the price tag the company is asking. However, the peak power output is rated at 2500 Watts which is there to help during overtakes in the city roads.

With a low power rating, the iPraise is a good bet because for nearly the same price tag, iPraise offers double the range to that of Ather 450.

You can remove the battery from under the seat and charge according to your convenience i.e., at home or office. Top speed of Okinawa iPraise electric scooter is reasonable 58 kmph but due to low motor power, it takes a long time to reach the top speed consuming a lot of battery charge in the process.

Praise for Okinawa isn’t finished here. You get a fully-digital instrument cluster with Bluetooth connectivity and a smartphone app. You get a long list of features in the app which come handy on a daily basis. For starters, the feature includes all the vehicle stats, notifications, over-speed alert, trip details, maintenance reminder, immobilizer and much more.

Though the iPraise doesn’t come any near to the Bajaj Chetak, Ather 450 in terms of looks but the electric scooter from Okinawa is far more practical than its competitors. To bring home an iPraise, you will have to shell out Rs 1.23 lakh ex-showroom.

ModelOkinawa iPraise
Rated Power1000 W
Max Power2500 W
Top Speed58 kmph
Battery Capacity3.3 kWh
Range160 km (Eco)
Charging Time4 Hrs
Price (ex-showroom)₹ 1,23,000

Hero Photon

Which Indian manufacturer holds the title of most trusted motorcycle maker? Yes, its Hero. And in the electric bikes market? Again Hero, this time Hero Electric. Yes, Hero has a name that simply means you can rely upon and for the same reason Hero is India’s number one two-wheeler company.

Hero Electric has many products in its line-up and Photon electric scooter is the flagship product of the company. In recent years, to keep up with the industry standards, Hero Electric has introduced lithium-ion batteries in their scooters.

Hero Photon - Best electric bike in India 2020-21

Hero Photon is powered by a 2.7 kWh battery which is non removable and charges in 4 hours. There is no option for fast charging and you can only charge the Photon from your home socket.

The motor you get with this machine is mounted at the hub of rear wheel and has a power rating of 1000 Watts with peak power of 1500 Watts. These numbers make Hero Electric Photon a balanced electric bike for city usage.

Design of the Photon is a bit dated now and the company must hire some smart designers to make its future products a worthy contender to the rivals from the likes of Ather, Bajaj and TVS. The company should provide at least LED headlight as it the need of the hour. There is fully digital instrument cluster which offers all basic information to the rider.

Hero Photon is best suited for young students and professionals as well as senior citizens as the electric scooter weighs in at just 87 kg which is quite light.

There are no connected features with Hero electric Photon and we are eager to see if the manufacturer works on it for its future offerings. Hero Electric is offering 3 years warranty on the battery for peace of mind.

ModelHero Photon
Rated Power1000 W
Max Power1500 W
Top Speed45 kmph
Battery Capacity2.7 kWh
Range110 km (Eco)
Charging Time5 Hrs
Price (ex-showroom)₹ 84,990

Ampere Magnus Pro

Ampere is an electric vehicle manufacturer and it is fast gaining its market share in the tier 2 and tier 3 cities of the country. The company is catering mostly to the rural areas as their electric bikes are sturdy and can handle the bad terrain of the rural areas.

Ampere Magnus Pro - Best electric bike in India 2020-21

The Magnus Pro is the flagship product from the company and it is target at the practical users without any futuristic electronics and gimmicks. The design is satisfying as the electric scooter looks quite funky and lively, an option you should consider over Hero Photon.

Magnus Pro is equipped with a small 1.8 kWh lithium-ion battery pack which can deliver a real-world range between 75-80 km. The battery charges in 5-6 hours which is more than that of Hero Photon’s charging time.

The hub mounted BLDC motor has power rating of 1200 Watts which allows you to hit 40 kmph from zero in 10 seconds. Magnus Pro has a top speed of 55 kmph. These performance numbers suggest that scooter is well suited for customers in tier 2 and tier 3 cities as well as in rural areas.

With the Ampere Magnus Pro, you will get a 3-year warranty with up to 20,000 km. There is an option to extend the warranty by another 2 years if you seek peace of mind.

ModelAmpere Magnus Pro
Rated Power1200 W
Max PowerNA
Top Speed55 kmph
Battery Capacity1.8 kWh
Range75-80 km
Charging Time5-6 Hrs
Price (ex-showroom)₹ 73,990

Okinawa Ridge Plus

It’s not only one iPraise electric scooter that Okinawa sells, the company offers other affordable electric scooters and Ridge plus is just one of them. This is a budget electric scooter which is specially designed for youngsters specially college going students. Unlike the iPraise, the Ridge Plus is low on performance but is blessed with Bluetooth connectivity feature which is enough to lure young customers.

Okinawa Ridge Plus - Best electric bike in India 2020-21

With the help of Okinawa ECO mobile app, you can access to countless features such as central locking with anti-theft alarm, keyless entry, find my scooter, geo-fencing, immobilisation, trips data, secure parking, tracking and monitoring, maintenance/insurance reminder, battery information, speed, alerts as well as driver score.

The Ridge Plus is powered by a 1.74 kWh lithium-ion battery pack and an 800 Watts hub mounted BLDC motor. For overtaking and initial acceleration, the motor generates a maximum power of 1700 Watts. Ridge Plus has a top speed of 45 kmph which is pretty fair for everyday city use.

On the company website, it is mentioned that Ampere Ridge Plus’s lithium-ion battery pack can be charged in a time period of just 3 hours. However, we cannot be certain if this is true as most electric bikes and scooters require at least 4 to 5 hours to fully charge.

With the above-said configuration, the Ridge Plus can travel for 84 km before running out of juice. A plus point with Ridge Plus is that it gets a removable battery pack which will be helpful in case you live in an apartment and need to take the battery to your home for charging. You also get 17-litre under-seat storage which cannot swallow a full-face helmet but is enough for documents and small items.

Okinawa Ridge Plus is a perfect competitor to the products of Hero Electric if you live in small cities and rural areas. You must consider various brands before making a final choice.

The company is providing a 3 years warranty on the lithium-ion battery pack and on the motor, the warranty is for 3 years and 30,000 km.

ModelOkinawa Ridge Plus
Rated Power800 W
Max Power1700 W
Top Speed45 kmph
Battery Capacity1.74 kWh
Range84 km
Charging Time3 hours
Price (ex-showroom)₹ 73,417

Ampere Zeal

Let’s talk about another electric scooter for the house of Ampere and this time we have Zeal. Zeal is a lightweight electric scooter but with focus on the performance aspect of the electric scooter as well. Zeal is not counted among those slow speed scooters which have their top speed limited to just 25 kmph.

Ampere Zeal - Best electric bike in India 2020-21

Ampere Zeal derives its motive power from a 1.8 kWh lithium-ion battery pack which runs a hub-mounted BLDC motor. The motor is rated at 1200 Watts. This electric powertrain is well balanced and delivers a real-world range of 85 to 95 km in a single charge. You get to ride the Zeal to a maximum speed of 55 kmph which is fine for daily city usage.

The main point of difference between Magnus Pro and Zeal is the lightweight body of the Zeal electric scooter. It tips the scale in at just 78 kg which is ultralight for the performance and range this scooter provides.

Ampere Zeal is the best option for someone looking for light electric scooter with reasonable performance on offer for everyday use. Senior Citizens and College Students can take the advantages of Ampere Zeal to the fullest.

With a good product, comes a great warranty. Therefore, just like the Magnus Pro, Ampere is providing a 3-year warranty on the Zeal up to 20,000 km with an option to extend the warranty further for 2 more years.

ModelAmpere Zeal
Rated Power1200 W
Max PowerNA
Top Speed50-55 kmph
Battery Capacity1.8 kWh
Range85-90 km
Charging Time5-6 Hrs
Price (ex-showroom)₹ 68,799

Hero Optima ER

As we mentioned earlier that Hero Electric has a long list of electric bikes in their stable. And you there, we present you the Hero Optima ER. This is medium stage electric scooter targeted for families in tier 2 and tier 3 cities including the rural areas. The words in “ER” signifies Extended Range.

Hero Optima ER - Best electric bike in India 2020-21

Hero Electric has added another set of batteries in the original Optima E5 to boost the range from a meagre 55 km per charge to whooping 110 km per charge which is a great addition and makes Optima a well-versed electric scooter.

Both the lithium-ion battery packs when combined holds a total electric charge worth 2.7 kWh. The BLDC motor that is mounted on the hub of the rear wheel has a rated power output of 600 Watts. In case of hard acceleration, the motor can deliver a peak power of 1200 Watts.

With the Hero Electric Optima ER, you have to settle with a top speed of 40 kmph. This kind of performance is good for riders who only want the practicality aspect of the Optima ER.

As of now, the Optima ER doesn’t provide any flashy features or Bluetooth connectivity. This is because this electric scooter is targeted at rural areas where people are not willing to pay extra money for features that won’t provide high value for money. However, we expect the company to provide a premium variant of the Optima to lure in the city dwellers.

ModelHero Optima ER
Rated Power600 W
Max Power1200 W
Top Speed40 kmph
Battery Capacity2.7 kWh
Range110 km
Charging Time4-5 Hrs
Price (ex-showroom)₹ 74,990

Okinawa Lite

We could stop ourselves from putting the cute little Okinawa Lite into this ist of best electric bikes. This is a no-licence electric scooter as its top speed is limited to 25 kmph and as per government regulations, you don’t need a license for two wheelers up to a max speed of 25 kmph.

Okinawa Lite - Best Electric Bikes in India 2020-21

This no tension bike from Okinawa is targeted for teenagers and senior citizens. If you are a beginner two-wheeler rider, then Okinawa Lite will make for a perfect option for you to learn balancing and riding.

Okinawa Lite is powered by a 1.25 kWh lithium-ion battery pack which will give you a range of about 60 km in a single charge. There is a 250 Watts hub mounted BLDC motor to move the electric scooter up to a top speed of 25 kmph. Yes, the performance is modest at best and with the front disc brake and electronic assisted braking system, the scooter is safe for beginners and senior citizens.

In terms of features, the Lite electric scooter gets push button start, LED headlight, LCD instrument cluster, built-in micro charger with auto cut function. All these things for a very reasonable price of Rs 63,990 ex-showroom.

ModelOkinawa Lite
Rated Power250 W
Max Power250 W
Top Speed25 kmph
Battery Capacity1.25 kWh
Range60 km
Charging Time4-5 Hrs
Price (ex-showroom)₹ 63,990

Tronx One

It’s being quite a list of electric bikes in India. Now, let us introduce you another type of electric bikes which are cheaper, lighter and easy to ride. The eBikes. Yes, we are talking about electric cycles or personal electric mobility vehicles as some manufacturers call them.

Here, we have Tronx One electric cycle which is termed as India’s first hybrid electric cycle. Tronx one is made of lightweight all aluminium frame. This electric cycle draws power from a small 0.48 kWh lithium-ion battery pack which drives a compact hub-mounted BLDC motor at the rear wheel. The motor is rated for a maximum power output of 250 watts which can take the Tronx One all the way to a top speed of 25 kmph.

Tronx One - Best Electric Bikes in India 2020-21

Being a cycle and with a top speed of 25 kmph, you don’t need a driving license for riding it. In a single charge and with the full-throttle opened, the battery and motor configuration will take to up to 50 km in a single charge.

Apart from the electric powertrain, you also get pedals and chain sprocket system as you see on everyday cycles. There is a 6-speed Shimano Tourney gearing system available on the bike which is good for riding uphill without the motor assist.

With this setup, you can ride it as a cycle or as an electric bike. If you want the best of both, you also get a pedal-assist where you pedal the cycle and the hub motor will assist you by providing torque. In this way, you won’t get tired or sweaty while going to your office.

In case of tyre punctures and you have to haul the bike to nearest tyre repair shop, don’t worry as Tronx One also has walk assist mode wherein you can walk with the eBike without actually pulling all the weight of the cycle.

In terms of features, the company is providing you with a smart TFT display which delivers all necessary information to you. The cluster comes with Bluetooth connectivity and will easily connect to your smartphone. Get all the details of your Tronx One ebike by installing a companion app on your smartphone.

The front suspension is a spring-loaded telescopic fork. In the standard variant you get rear disc brake and front V-brake while in the Upgrade variant, there is disc brakes on both ends. The whole package weighs in at 25 kg without battery and will help you exercise your way to the office, saving the environment in the process without sweating it out.

ModelTronx One
Rated Power250 W
Max Power250 W
Top Speed25 kmph
Battery Capacity0.48 kWh
Range50 km
Charging Time3-4 Hrs
Price (ex-showroom)₹ 49,999

Lightspeed Dryft

Lightspeed is another brand that sells electric cycles in India. There are many models available from the company and we have brought you the Lightspeed Dryft to feature in this list of electric bikes in India. The Dryft is also a bicycle with added equipment to make it a more convenient ebike. The most striking part of the Dryft is the bottle-shaped battery pack that is attached to the down tube of the ebike.

Lightspeed Dryft - Best Electric Bikes in India 2020-21

With a battery capacity of 0.25 kWh, the Lightspeed Dryft can go up to 50 km in a single charge. The 250 Watts BLDC motor at the rear wheel hub is capable of propelling the ebike to a top speed of 25 kmph. The ebike is just 22 kg heavy including the battery pack and is priced from Rs 40,999 with long list of customisations and accessories.

You can choose a 7-speed Shimano gear system or a 21-speed system depending on your requirements and budget. Option for wider tyres, customised paint scheme etc is also available.

You can also choose a larger capacity battery for a long electric range of 65 km and 100 km. Speaking about the features, Lightspeed Dryft is equipped with Multi-Feature Dynamic Display which delivers a host of information to the rider. A pair of front telescopic suspension, 5-level pedal boost, dual disc brake and headlight.

ModelLightspeed Dryft
Rated Power250 W
Max Power250 W
Top Speed25 kmph
Battery Capacity0.25kWh
Range50 km
Charging Time4-5 Hrs
Price (ex-showroom)₹ 40,999

Lectro E Zephyr SS

Finally, in the list of best electric bikes in India we have Lectro E Zephyr SS eBike. Lectro is a brand of electric cycles from the India’s largest cycle manufacturer, Hero Cycles. This is the most affordable electric cycle in the Indian market which is priced at Rs 17850 ex-showroom. Being a cycle, you don’t have to pay road tax or need a driving license. It is just a buy and ride product for the masses. Zephyr SS is targeted at young professional, college goers and fitness conscious people.

Lectro Zephyr SS - Best Electric Bikes in India 2020-21

Powering the Lectro Zephyr SS is a 0.208 kWh lithium ion battery pack which is hidden inside the ebike frame. A 250 Watts BLDC motor is mounted at the hub of the rear wheel which will give a top speed of 25 kmph and a real-world range of 30 km in a single charge. The battery is not removable at it is stationed inside the ebike frame. It will take around 4 hours to completely charge the battery from a regular home socket.

Speaking about the weight, the ebike weighs in at 19 kg which is on-par with the regular pedal-powered cycles in the Indian market. In terms of features, the ebike gets a twist throttle and a small display for providing essential information to the rider. There is no Shimano gearing available in this bike.

However, other models of Lectro eBike in the higher price range sport expensive features such as Bluetooth connectivity, Shimano Gearing systems, larger battery and much more.

ModelLectro Zephyr SS
Rated Power250 W
Max Power250 W
Top Speed25 kmph
Battery Capacity0.208 kWh
Range30 km
Charging Time4 Hrs
Price (ex-showroom)₹ 17,850

Final Words

So, this was our comprehensive list of the best electric bike in India. For ease of choosing and deciding on the final product, we have added the most affordable electric cycles in this list.

The prices of electric bikes start from as low as Rs 17,850 which is basically an electric cycle and goes up to Rs 3 lakh ex-showroom for the Ultraviolette F77. For a general reminder, about half a dozen more start-ups are working on their electric bikes and will launch in the country in the near future.

If you look at the electric vehicle market, it is only growing but at a very slow pace mostly due to lack of public fast charging stations in the country. In other words, this is just a trailer of what is about to come in this next decade.

More manufacturers are working behind the scenes on the electric vehicle projects and are expected to launch more electric vehicles in the years to come. Speaking at the product and the features, we feel Ather is the best at what they are doing because the 450 electric scooter is at present, the best electric scooter currently on sale.

The only limiting factor when it comes to sales is the unavailability of public charging infrastructure, low range, low value for money quotient and sub-par performance when compared to their petrol-powered counterparts.

Best Electric Bike in India 2020-21 Specifications: Power and Performance

ModelRated PowerMax PowerTop Speed
Revolt RV 4003000 WNA45-85 kmph
Revolt RV 3001500 WNA25-65 kmph
Ultraviolette F77NA33.5 bhp (25 kW)147 kmph
Ather 4503300 W5400 W80 kmph
Ather 450X3300 W6000 W80 kmph
Bajaj Chetak3800 W4080 W78 kmph
TVS iQube ElectricNA4400 W78 kmph
Okinava iPraise1000 W2500 W58 kmph
Hero Photon1000 W1500 W45 kmph
Ampere Magnus Pro1200 WNA55 kmph
Okinawa Ridge Plus800 W1700 W45 kmph
Ampere Zeal1200 WNA50-55 kmph
Hero Optima ER600 W1200 W40 kmph
Okinawa Lite250 W250 W25 kmph
Tronx One250 W250 W25 kmph
Lightspeed Dryft250 W250 W25 kmph
Lectro Zephyr SS250 W250 W25 kmph

Best Electric Bike in India 2020-21 Specifications: Battery, Range and Price

ModelBattery CapacityRangeCharging TimePrice (ex-showroom)
Revolt RV 4003.24 kWh80-150 km4.5 Hrs₹ 1,29,463
Revolt RV 3002.7 kWh80-180 km4.2 Hrs₹ 1,10,963
Ultraviolette F774.2 kWh130-150 km5 Hrs (1.5 Hrs Fast Charge)₹ 3,00,000
Ather 4502.7 kWh55-75 km5 Hrs (80% in 1 Hr Fast Charge)₹ 1,08,847
Ather 450X2.9 kWh60-85 km5 Hrs (80% in 1 Hr Fast Charge)₹ 1,48,754
Bajaj Chetak3.0 kWh85-95 km5 Hrs₹ 1,15,000
TVS iQube Electric4.5 kWh75 km5 Hrs₹ 1,15,000
Okinava iPraise3.3 kWh160 km (Eco)4 Hrs₹ 1,23,000
Hero Photon2.7 kWh110 km (Eco)5 Hrs₹ 84,990
Ampere Magnus Pro1.8 kWh75-80 km5-6 Hrs₹ 73,990
Okinawa Ridge Plus1.74 kWh84 km3 hours₹ 73,417
Ampere Zeal1.8 kWh85-90 km5-6 Hrs₹ 68,799
Hero Optima ER2.7 kWh110 km4-5 Hrs₹ 74,990
Okinawa Lite1.25 kWh60 km4-5 Hrs₹ 63,990
Tronx One0.48 kWh50 km3-4 Hrs₹ 49,999
Lightspeed Dryft0.25kWh50 km4-5 Hrs₹ 40,999
Lectro Zephyr SS0.208 kWh30 km4 Hrs₹ 17,850

Best Electric Bike in India 2020-21 FAQs

Q: How can I charge an electric bike?

A: You can charge an electric bike at your home from a 5A socket or from public charging stations.

Q: How long does it take to charge an electric bike’s battery?

A: A typical electric bike battery can be fully charged in about 4-5 hours from a regular 5A socket. If an electric bike supports fast charging, then its battery can be charged to 80% in about 1.5 hours (90 minutes).

Q: What are the types of battery used in electric bikes?

A: Nowadays, lithium-ion batteries are used in the electric bikes. However, there are some low-cost electric bikes that still uses Lead-Acid batteries.

Q: What is the approximate range of an electric bike or scooter?

A: Approximate range of an electric bike or scooter is around 60-80 km in a single charge.

Q: Are electric bikes suitable for hilly regions?

A: Yes, modern high-performance electric scooters can be used in the hilly regions with ease.

Q: Do electric bikes/scooters need a license?

A: If the top speed of an electric bike or scooter is more than 25 kmph, then you need to pay the road tax and requires a driving license for riding.

Q: Do electric bikes/scooters need insurance?

A: Yes, all electric bikes and scooters need insurance.

Q: Are electric bikes/scooters safe?

A: Yes, electric bikes and scooters comes with disc brakes and most of them have electronic brake assist system which makes then safer to ride.

Q: Do electric bikes have motors?

A: Yes, electric bikes and scooters have motors to propel them on the road.

Q: What are the advantages of an e-Bike over regular bikes?

A: The main advantage of an electric bike over a regular bike is that its running cost is very low and doesn’t not require maintenance. Also, the electric bikes are easy to ride as they do not have gearbox.

Q: Which electric bikes/scooters are best?

A: Ather 450, Bajaj Chetak Electric, TVS iQube, Revolt RV400 and Okinawa iPraise are some of the best electric bikes and scooters in India.

Q: Do electric bikes/motorcycles make noise?

A: Electric bikes make very low noise and that noise comes from the motor. The noise of electric bikes is much lower than that of petrol bikes.

Q: Do electric scooters/bikes have brakes?

A: Yes, electric bikes have brakes as brakes are important equipment to stop the electric bike.

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