Best EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging Station on Delhi-Chandigarh Highway

Best EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging Station on Delhi-Chandigarh Highway

best ev electric vehicle charging station on delhi chandigarh highway

With a clear push to quicker adoption of electric vehicles, various major cities around the country are now home to EV charging stations that are sure to make life a lot easier for owners of these eco-friendly vehicles. However, while installation of such facilities surely helps EV users, it’s actually the highways that need to start having such facilities to allow users to overcome range anxiety during long drives. In line with this, many important highways have now started featuring such charging facilities. Today, we have the details of the best EV (Electric Vehicle) charging station on Delhi-Chandigarh highway.

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Already, in the last couple of years, a handful of solar energy-powered electric vehicle charging stations (SEVCs) have been installed on the important highway. This network of EV-charging facilities have been developed under the FAME-1 (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (Hybrid) & Electric Vehicles) scheme stipulated by the Ministry of Heavy Industries in India. The entire network of these eco-friendly stations has been built by Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL).

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What sets these stations apart is the fact that they are solar-energy-based instead of being dependent on the regular grid. This makes a world of difference as these stations serve the eco-friendly purpose many times more than the normal ones. The first of these stations was inaugurated in August 2021 while the rest of them were launched in the next few months.

Of these, the best EV (Electric Vehicle) charging station on Delhi-Chandigarh Highway is the one that is strategically located at the Karna Lake Resort that serves as the middle point of the Delhi-Chandigarh highway. The rest of the stations of the network are located every 25-30 kms from each other and cover the entire length of the route. This has been done to help EV users overcome range-anxiety problems and therefore, start using their vehicles even on the longer routes.

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It must be noted here that the exponential rise in air pollution along with ever-increasing fuel prices have led to an increased focus on alternate vehicles such as EVs and CNG-powered automobiles. However, the high initial cost and lack of charging infrastructure have been the biggest deterrents for many prospective buyers. That said, with a clear focus on setting up a wide EV charging network on important routes as well as in cities, the range anxiety issue is sure to get mitigated in the coming times.

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The network of EV (Electric Vehicle) charging stations on the Delhi-Chandigarh highway are just some of the many more such facilities that are expected to be installed in near future on all such important routes. The Central Government looks determined to establish environmental security with EVs playing a major role to help it realize the vision.

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