Best EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging Station in Trivandrum - DETAILS

Best EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging Station in Trivandrum – DETAILS

best ev (electric vehicle) charging station in trivandrum

EVs or Electric Vehicles are increasingly making more sense due to the fuel costs, as well as air pollution levels, hitting a new high. Thanks to this, there has been an increase in the buyers of EVs and even the Government has pushed for quicker adoption of these vehicles to bring down the high dependency we have on fossil fuels and even to bring down the air pollution levels. However, range anxiety and the lack of enough charging infrastructure are easily two of the biggest factors for keeping many reluctant to discard their ICE-powered vehicles. Fortunately, a lot of new EV charging stations have cropped up in the last two years. Here, we have all the details of the best EV (Electric Vehicle) charging station in Trivandrum.

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Best EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging Station in Trivandrum

In a bid to enhance the sales in the EV sector, Kerala has et up KSEB’s first-ever electric vehicle charging station in Trivandrum’s Nemom.  Identified as the nodal agency to establish e-vehicle charging stations by the Pinarayi government, the Kerala State Electricity Board plans to install as many as 250 EV charging stations across the South Indian state. The best EV (Electric Vehicle) charging station in Trivandrum has a charging capacity of 80-kilowatts and at least 3 cars can be charged at the same time. It also offers a full charge in just 45 minutes.

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This charging station, along with others from KSEB that will come up in the future, will offer plug points of all categories to suit all the electric vehicles on sale in India. The charging station has been put into place using the Government funds and it is in line with the state as well as central government standards. Also, as a part of the plan, KSEB is working on setting up similar electric vehicle charging stations in the towns of Thrissur, Kozhikode, Kannur, Ernakulam, and Kollam. Also, tenders have been invited for the construction of as many as 56 stations in the entire state.

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In the first phase of the plan, EV charging stations will be set up in KSEB premises but there are even plans of setting up stations in Government-owned as well as private locations in the next phase. This is as per the KSEB’s bigger plan of putting into place a pan-Kerala chain of electric vehicle charging stations at 250 strategic locations. Kerala’s first-ever EV charging station was launched at Indian Oil Corporation’s fuel station United Fuels at Edappally in June 2019.

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