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Best expressways in India – The runways of joy!

Roads are the arteries of the country. They drive the momentum across the region to bring accessibility of products and make commute possible between cities. Like world over, development of roads has been a congratulatory sign of success within the nation. India has been on a spree of coming up with new expressways and controlled access roads to decongest the city arteries and bring easier connectivity to the inhabitants. These expressways in India are shaping the new infrastructural stance of the country. Almost all of us can relate to the feeling of cruising along a well-laid road zipping through meadows and scenic adventures. From the adrenaline, addictive mountainous expressways to roads passing through the desert, each one of them tell their own story.

Here are some of the best expressways in India which can make all your road tripping scenes a reality:

Best expressways in India

Best expressways in India – Himalayan Expressway

There is always something beautiful about roads which take you out of the city’s hustle and bustle and drop you in solitude. The Himalayan Expressway is a 27.5Km access controlled highway connecting Zirakpur in Punjab to Parwanoo in Himachal Pradesh. The expressway passes through three Indian states namely Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. This expressway was laid by the J.P group. The Himalayan Expressway was constructed with a total cost of 412 crores and consist of two flyovers and 11 bridges.

South End Zirakpur, Punjab
North End Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh
Total Length 27.5Km
Constructed by J.P Group
Total Cost INR 412 Crore

Best expressways in India

Things to look forward to while on Himalayan Expressway:

  • The Himalayan ranges in the sight while cruising along the Himalayan expressway are sure to delight the adventurer in you.
  • There are numerous restaurants available en route the Himalayan Expressway where you can spend a good ‘food-cation’ with your drive partners.
  • The winding roads are sure to make you feel on the top of the world if you are on a motorbike.


Best expressways in India – Mumbai-Pune Expressway

The Mumbai-Pune Express connects the financial capital of India with the education capital of the nation. Known for being the first ever six-lane concrete, high-speed, access controlled tolled expressway in India, the Mumbai -Pune Expressway is 94.5Km long. The Mumbai-Pune expressway was open to the public in the year 2002 and have been one of the busiest expressways in India till date. This three-lane expressway boosts the connectivity between two major cities of Maharashtra and makes it possible to commute between cities within 2 hours. The expressway starts from Kalamboli at its west end and finishes at Dehu Road on the east end. This expressway was constructed by the state government of Maharashtra and is maintained by the same authority.

East End Kalamboli, Mumbai
West End Dehu Road, Pune
Total Length 94.5Km
Constructed by Government of Maharashtra
Total Cost INR 16.3 Billion

Best expressways in India

Things to look forward to while on Mumbai-Pune Expressway:

  • The Mumbai-Pune Expressway passes through Sahyadri Mountain ranges and presents breathtaking views while commuting on the highway.
  • En route this expressway, you can also visit hill stations such as Lonavala.
  • Due to its geographic location, the Mumbai-Pune Expressway presents unexpected monsoon wonders during the season.


Best expressways in India – Vadodara-Ahmedabad Expressway

The Vadodara-Ahmedabad expressway connects two major cities within the state of Gujarat in India. Also known as the Mahatma Gandhi Expressway, the Vadodara-Ahmedabad expressway stretches to the total length of 93.1Km. Inaugurated in the year 2003, Vadodara-Ahmedabad Expressway was built with a total cost of 475 crores. This expressway was constructed by the state government of Gujarat. The Vadodara-Ahmedabad expressway was recently renovated and few more lanes are added. The new 6-lanes expressway was constructed by IRB Infra.

North End Ahmedabad, Gujarat
South End Vadodara, Gujarat
Total Length 93.1Km
Constructed by The government of Gujarat, IRB Infra
Total Cost INR 475 Crores

Best expressways in India

Things to look forward to while on Vadodara-Ahmedabad Expressway:

  • The Vadodara-Ahmedabad Expressway present scenic meadows and passes through green countryside.
  • Make sure to make a pitstop at one of the many restaurants on the expressway to taste some authentic Gujarati culinary delicacy.


Best expressways in India – Leh-Manali Highway

The Leh-Manali route has been a shrine for motor enthusiasts since a very long time. The Leh-Manali Expressway is one of the longest highways in our list of best expressways in India. Starting from Manali, Himachal Pradesh at the south end, the Manali-Leh Expressway stretches to 490 Km and connects to Leh in Jammu and Kashmir.  The Leh-Manali Expressway zips through some of the toughest road terrains in the world and connects valley of Manali with the Zanskar valley, geographically. Due to severe snow conditions, this expressway is only accessible for four summer months every year. The Leh-Manali Expressway is situated at an average elevation of 4000m and zips through mountain passes such as ‘Tanglang La mountain Pass’. This expressway was constructed by Border Road Organisation (BRO) and is maintained by the same authority. This expressway connects the mainland with the mountainous towns of Rohtang, Sissu, Keylong, Darcha and Sarchu.

South End Manali, Himachal Pradesh
North End Leh, Jammu and Kashmir
Total Length 490 Km
Constructed by Border Road Organisation (BRO)
Total Cost  –

Best expressways in India

Things to look forward to while on Leh-Manali Highway:

  • The Leh-Manali highway passes through numerous high-mountain passes and presents an array of scenic views on the way.
  • The Leh-Manali highway is one of the highest motorable roads in the world and brings with it some of the most challenging yet rewarding cuts and curves.
  • The quirky road signs by border road organisation alongside the highway adds the fun quotient on the already challenging journey.


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