Which Were The Top 5 Best-Selling Cars In India During September?

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Perhaps there is not much of a surprise to note that the sales when it comes to the overall passenger car segment fell during the month of September, just when the country was waiting to embrace the festive season.

But a question stood out. To what extent, after all, did the passenger car segment fell down in terms of overall sales. Market figures point to a whopping 24 percent. Moreover, the passenger car sub-segment also noted a nosedive at this time, reportedly at 33 percent.

Yet, there were some intriguing best-selling cars in India during September just before the period of Diwali and the prolonged celebrations.

That said, let’s discover the 5 best-selling cars in India during September:

Maruti Suzuki Dzire

The top-performing figure from the ever venerable Maruti marquee, the Dzire was the highest-selling car during the period of September, a month that noted extensive sales of one of India’s most respected and widely popular carmakers of all time.

The Maruti Suzuki Dzire was one among the 5 best-selling cars in India during September and nothing could possibly highlight its peak performance other than suggesting that in the wake of a single month, the well-known car sold 15,662 units.

That was around 583 more units when compared to a sister brand- Maruti Alto, another hot favorite of the country.

Maruti Suzuki Alto

The Maruti Suzuki Alto was second on the list of the best-selling cars in India during September for the simple reason that some 15,079 units of the four-wheeler were sold during a 30-day period.

To this day, several years since its launch, the Alto continues to be the country’s most popular entry-level hatchback.

What was most interesting in that the Alto experienced a massive turnaround in terms of sales for the simple reason that in the previous month (August), it would only sell just over 10,000 units.

Maruti Swift

The Maruti Swift was the third most selling car in India during the month of September. With as many as 12,934 units sold during September, this was easily one of the best-selling cars in India during September and above anything else, it was also a massive improvement vis-a-vis its August sales figures that stood at 12,444 units.

Perhaps it could be said that owing to a new feature set that encompasses stringent emission norms, four-cylinder K12B engine and more safety features the ever-popular wagon experienced mighty sales in the previous month.

Maruti WagonR

The popular and dependable product from the Maruti stable sold as many as 11,757 units during the period of September 2019. And one of the things, it must be added, that may have really helped catapult the car to a growing demand is the freedom that buyers have is to opt for a factory-fit CNG model based on the 1.0-litre car.

Also, September’s sales were a touch higher than those registered during August wherein 11,402 units of the WagonR were sold.

Maruti Baleno

With an understated elegance, the Maruti Baleno emerged to be the fifth most-selling car during the period of September in India. With as many as 11,420 units sold, the Baleno experienced marked improvement in its sales as noted during August during which it sold only 11,067 units.

Among the things that have helped carve a new space for the Baleno is the fact that it was the first among all Maruti cars to have received a BS6 upgrade during April. The mild-hybrid technology has also repackaged the car to rev up the sales to a certain extent.

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